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Who is the creepier Big Al.

by Lordofwrath88
Lordofwrath88 21/11 1:31 pm
Funky Tide 8

UCF fans bought an ad on a Northport billboard

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by TomRollTideRitter
TomRollTideRitter 211/11 1:18 pm

Who would be or are our OC/DC targets?

by CR_RTR_15
CR_RTR_15 111/11 12:17 pm
Eli Goldfinger

Isaiah Buggs is returning for senior year

by Roll Tide Ravens
Roll Tide Ravens 81/11 12:09 pm

Damien Harris is returning to Alabama!

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by Bamafan15
Bamafan15 471/11 9:46 am

Eight or Nine First Round Picks Among Frosh?

by River_City_Tider
River_City_Tider 61/11 9:15 am

Robert Foster

by Bham4Tide
Bham4Tide141/11 3:40 pm

SIAP. "Going The Distance"

by FairhopeTider
FairhopeTider 81/11 7:24 am

#14 on Georgia...

by mistaken4193
mistaken4193 41/11 8:56 am

Interesting info from the game

by Crimson Wraith
Crimson Wraith 01/11 7:00 am
Crimson Wraith

Know how I know Tua will be special....

PBD4BAMA 101/11 4:00 am

Just For Laughs

by 87Grad
87Grad 21/11 12:34 am

I think we can say that Smart would have been a good heir for Saban here had he stayed

by Lordofwrath88
Lordofwrath88 51/11 12:26 am

"Aloha Dawgs" (yes I just named it that) from various angles

by SummerOfGeorge
SummerOfGeorge 141/10 10:44 pm
East Coast Band

Tua and The Tide

by Crimson Wraith
Crimson Wraith 101/10 9:24 pm
Golgi Apparatus

Anyone know where I can get a link to Sean McDonough's call of the play?

by RollTide1987
RollTide1987 51/10 9:20 pm

2018 CFP National Championship (SKYCAM) youtube

by jatebe
jatebe 61/10 8:43 pm
Tide or Die87

I'll be attending the LSU vs UA Gym Meet in Baton Rouge on the 19th

by SheaForHeisman
SheaForHeisman 21/10 8:41 pm

Did Saban/Smart shake hands after the game?

by SummerOfGeorge
SummerOfGeorge 31/10 7:34 pm
Mr. Shake

Does the B'ham news publish anymore?

by IAmReality
IAmReality51/10 7:21 pm

Bama won every coin toss in the CFP

by Eli Goldfinger
Eli Goldfinger 31/10 6:50 pm

Honestly trying to remember the last time I was immediately excited about the next season

by SummerOfGeorge
SummerOfGeorge 51/10 6:10 pm

I've decided to adopt Sean McDonough's call of the final play as the official Bama Call

by SummerOfGeorge
SummerOfGeorge 111/10 6:08 pm

Jalen has NFL talent...

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by CrimsonCoast
CrimsonCoast 321/10 6:07 pm

Tua going forward

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by phil4bama
phil4bama 1511/10 6:06 pm
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