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Official 2019 Recruiting Thread

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by Random MsState Fan
Random MsState Fan 251/8 6:56 am

We will start 0-6 in basketball if we don’t beat UF

by deltaland
deltaland 101/20 3:17 am

I’m done

by deltaland
deltaland 71/19 10:16 am

Moorhead is a terrible coach

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by Jma313
Jma313 201/18 6:40 pm

Whatever happened to the poster darkhorse?

by Requiem For A Dawg
Requiem For A Dawg 21/11 2:41 pm

Time for basketball!

by deltaland
deltaland 31/9 9:46 pm

Hail State

by The Winner
The Winner 11/8 11:47 pm

Who will be the starting QB in 2019?

by joshua2571
joshua2571 51/4 8:22 am

Idk what to say

by The Winner
The Winner 61/2 6:54 pm

Outback Bowl

by Mardye McDole
Mardye McDole 112/26 8:58 pm
The Winner

Big win over Clemson for Men's Basketball

by The Winner
The Winner 712/23 8:57 pm

Looking at recruiting I feel better about Moorhead

by deltaland
deltaland 1212/22 9:56 pm

I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a better record with a worse team next year

by MaroonMonsoon
MaroonMonsoon 812/21 12:38 am

We get a Big Ten Opponent for the Bowl Game. Exactly what we want. Right?

by The Winner
The Winner 612/18 12:38 pm
Allyn McKeen

If we win the bowl game, we will have won 9 games 4/5 years

by deltaland
deltaland 412/3 9:03 pm
The Winner

Thoughts on Moorhead, coaching and the season

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by AustinDawg
AustinDawg 3912/2 7:19 pm
The Winner

Good road win for State tonight at Dayton

by Fatboy22
Fatboy22 312/2 2:29 pm

I like Moorhead

by Henry Jones Jr
Henry Jones Jr 411/29 5:59 pm
Sancho Panza

It doesn't even feel like eggbowl week.

by Cdawg
Cdawg 511/23 6:47 pm

Congrats on landing the #1 RB in the nation!

by Jjdoc
Jjdoc 011/18 10:22 pm

Go Dawgs

by Landmass
Landmass 311/18 6:41 pm
The Winner

Hey Friends

by pioneerbasketball
pioneerbasketball 211/16 4:02 pm

Have we turned a corner offensively?

by AustinDawg
AustinDawg 1011/12 8:28 am
The Winner

Baseball schedule

by AllbyMyRelf
AllbyMyRelf 211/10 10:30 am
The Winner

Predictions for Bama v. MSU

by Ted2010
Ted2010 311/10 10:30 am
The Winner

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