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By my count...

by TheTideMustRoll comments17
SEC Rant2 hours ago
TheTideMustRoll 1712/10 10:44 am

LSU ties Alabama with 3 heisman winners

by Jack Daniel comments19
SEC Rant30 minutes ago
Jack Daniel 1912/10 10:43 am

Your CFP rooting interest, rank them

by GetPiggywithIt comments23
SEC Rant1 hour ago
GetPiggywithIt 2312/10 10:43 am

The rant the moment Daniels won the Heisman

by StopRobot comments7
SEC Rant24 minutes ago
StopRobot 712/10 10:43 am

The committee got it wrong! Ala losing to Michigan will prove it, Ga is the better team

by TrueTigerTale comments13
SEC Rant38 minutes ago
TrueTigerTale 1312/10 10:43 am

The South has won enough

by Dallaswho comments15
SEC Rant43 minutes ago
Dallaswho 1512/10 10:42 am

Alabama could be on verge of losing one of its top recruits to Auburn

by SwampyWaters comments84
SEC Recruiting23 hours ago
SwampyWaters8412/10 10:42 am
Tide or Die87

When did the last Heisman lose 3 games?

by charliethehun comments49
SEC Rant13 hours ago
charliethehun 4912/10 10:40 am

Friendly reminder that Bama hasn’t won a natty since 2017

by TigahJay comments14
SEC Rant3 hours ago
TigahJay 1412/10 10:37 am

Only one guy shows up in both lists.

by dstone12 comments18
SEC Rant3 hours ago
dstone12 1812/10 10:36 am

What's worse? Louisiana hemorrhaging population?

by Harry Rex Vonner comments21
SEC Rant2 hours ago
Harry Rex Vonner 2112/10 10:35 am

Imagine Jayden on the 2011 LSU team! Scary AF!

by Lou C Furr comments5
SEC Rant23 minutes ago
Lou C Furr 512/10 10:34 am


by Armymann50 comments5
Off-Topic Board3 hours ago
Armymann50 512/10 10:32 am

Texas in the playoff, LSU has their 2nd Heisman in 5 years

by cas4t comments10
SEC Rant3 hours ago
cas4t 1012/10 10:31 am

LSU when Daniels skips their minor bowl game...

by bamabonners comments42
SEC Rant10 hours ago
bamabonners 4212/10 10:30 am

SEC will be brutal next year... a two loss team could win it all

by mattloc comments1
SEC Rant18 minutes ago
mattloc 112/10 10:29 am

This was quite the coaching job by Nick Saban this year...

by RollTide1987 comments20
SEC Rant20 hours ago
RollTide1987 2012/10 10:25 am

Oklahoma's 2024 SEC Schedule is really tough

by Miz-Stl comments43
SEC Rant13 hours ago
Miz-Stl 4312/10 10:24 am

SEC: 2 teams in CFP and another team with the Heisman winner

by Covingtontiger77 comments0
SEC Rant27 minutes ago
Covingtontiger77 012/10 10:18 am

If the rumors about Saban are true, I could see Bama going after Elko

by deathvalleyfreak43 comments66
SEC Rant20 hours ago
deathvalleyfreak43 6612/10 10:17 am
Lou C Furr

Congrat's to Texas for making the final 4 in Volleyball

by bigDgator comments6
SEC Rant3 hours ago
bigDgator 612/10 10:13 am

Meanwhile, Brock Bowers wins the Mackey award, again...

by Darindawg comments5
SEC Rant58 minutes ago
Darindawg512/10 10:01 am

T’Vondre Sweat wins the Outland Trophy

by Ptins944 comments15
SEC Rant13 hours ago
Ptins944 1512/10 9:53 am

Good morning Rant

by supersaints9 comments10
SEC Rant4 hours ago
supersaints9 1012/10 9:52 am

SECr completely tied in knots @ LSU getting another Heisman

by Draconian Sanctions comments31
SEC Rant11 hours ago
Draconian Sanctions 3112/10 9:43 am

Was the Bama obsession on this board with JD winning the Heisman

by BillyBoy22 comments24
SEC Rant14 hours ago
BillyBoy22 2412/10 9:41 am

My question is when will the SEC fix the officiating The SEC is now saying the play

by nicholastiger comments79
SEC Rant4 days ago
nicholastiger 7912/10 9:32 am

It's a travesty that Daniels won

by A Lite comments64
SEC Rant10 hours ago
A Lite 6412/10 9:32 am

The Bama melt is BEAUTIFUL... Couldn't back into this one...

by Tigahs24Seven comments56
SEC Rant14 hours ago
Tigahs24Seven5612/10 9:31 am

Is Herm Edwards the best coach Jayden Daniels has had?

by ChiGator comments24
SEC Rant11 hours ago
ChiGator 2412/10 9:30 am
Marty Dawg
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