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2022 Recruiting and beyond. (Updated: 20/JUN/2021)

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by StrawsDrawnAtRandom comments1093
StrawsDrawnAtRandom109310/24 5:17 pm
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If you got something political to say, say it here. All other posts will be deleted...

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by finchmeister08 comments222
finchmeister08 22210/19 8:17 am

Predictions for the rest of the season?

by gatorsimz comments5
gatorsimz 510/26 2:15 am

Beat the mutts thread.

by UFMatt comments7
UFMatt 710/25 10:36 pm

Off-Topic: How many of you were in Gainesville while the Gainesville Ripper was in town?

by finchmeister08 comments2
finchmeister08 210/25 9:23 pm

Welp, another loss will be in the books against UScar... It's officially a night game...

by finchmeister08 comments3
finchmeister08 310/25 5:37 pm

Volungator you’re embarrassing.

by AshleySchaeffer comments4
AshleySchaeffer 410/25 4:09 pm

How to beat Georgia...

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by Gator Fever comments21
Gator Fever 2110/25 12:58 pm

What's your list of available DCs we could get?

by finchmeister08 comments13
finchmeister08 1310/24 9:59 pm

We really are stuck... Aren't we?

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by dbuchanon comments25
dbuchanon 2510/24 2:49 pm

Fire Grantham

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by Chad 23 comments50
Chad 23 5010/20 7:54 am

So, was the “we brothas / we push each other” a ruse between Jones/Richardson?

by finchmeister08 comments3
finchmeister08 310/19 9:19 am


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by OkefenokeeKid comments22
OkefenokeeKid 2210/19 8:04 am

Please welcome the newest member to the Gator Board: ChiGator

by finchmeister08 comments2
finchmeister08 210/19 4:03 am
Gator Fever

Richardson is likely bolting if he doesn't get to start...

by Gator Fever comments5
Gator Fever 510/19 3:59 am
Gator Fever

Pretty big names going into the UF Hall of Fame

by bigDgator comments6
bigDgator 610/18 10:56 pm

So are you satisfied with 8-10 wins every year?

by Gator5220 comments3
Gator5220 310/18 5:08 pm
Go Go Gata

Reddit believes that TG is gone at the end of the year…

by finchmeister08 comments10
finchmeister08 1010/18 10:46 am

Alright im done.

by jfan244888 comments19
jfan244888 1910/17 2:11 pm
Gator Fever

I wanted to post this on the Florida board and not tRant.

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by Bbobalou comments22
Bbobalou 2210/17 1:18 pm

Sounds like a good thing I didn’t watch the game today…

by finchmeister08 comments15
finchmeister08 1510/16 8:55 pm

We should be called...

by ColdBloodUF comments5
ColdBloodUF 510/16 4:02 pm

Any possible way for us to get back into the East race?

by bigDgator comments11
bigDgator 1110/16 3:31 pm

frick todd

by GatorPA84 comments9
GatorPA84 910/16 3:11 pm

Who wants to have some beers at the game?

by LewDawg comments13
LewDawg 1310/16 1:17 pm
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