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After seeing the Texas fans post here for a week....

by harmonics
SEC Rant10 hours ago
harmonics 228/1 8:37 pm

Can we all agree that both Texas schools have the most delusional fans in America?

by LSUstephen17
SEC Rant8 hours ago
LSUstephen17 258/2 2:04 am
Smoke Ring

It would be HILARIOUS...

by The Detroit Lions
SEC Rant9 hours ago
The Detroit Lions 208/2 3:24 am

"Thanks for Invite but Don't Expect Texas to ever chant SEC"

by AggnHou
SEC Rant11 hours ago
AggnHou 838/2 2:16 am

In 11yrs Fisher without Jameis Winston has 5 wins over top 10 teams and O wins over top 5

by TheFourHorsemen
SEC Rant11 hours ago
TheFourHorsemen 378/1 8:52 pm

The Moo Moo's narcissism makes Alabama's arrogance seem humble

by JetDawg
SEC Rant9 hours ago
JetDawg 248/2 1:27 am

Can we compile all the best Agscuses here?

by SidewalkTiger
SEC Rant8 hours ago
SidewalkTiger 308/2 4:10 am

It is clear the shock of Texas and Oklahoma joining tSEC has finally culminated...

by Wolfhound45
SEC Rant14 hours ago
Wolfhound45118/1 6:38 pm

Head Coach National Title Count

by BradPitt
SEC Rant11 hours ago
BradPitt 68/1 9:31 pm

When does actual 2021 football talk start again?

by SummerOfGeorge
SEC Rant9 hours ago
SummerOfGeorge 168/1 9:20 pm

I'm a stones throw from the mill

by TRUERockyTop
SEC Rant6 hours ago
TRUERockyTop 98/1 11:40 pm

Where are Oklahoma posters today

by Welcome2daSEC
SEC Rant11 hours ago
Welcome2daSEC 208/1 11:54 pm

Texas A&M will be biggest bust in SEC this year!

by rjacksonmroctober
SEC Rant17 hours ago
rjacksonmroctober608/1 6:34 pm

Don’t let TX / OU joining the SEC distract you

by AustinAggie
SEC Rant20 hours ago
AustinAggie 548/1 4:51 pm

Holy shite it’s August

by SCgamecock2988
SEC Rant12 hours ago
SCgamecock2988 78/1 8:27 pm

Will the two premier programs in Texas forge an alliance to conquer tSEC?

by Wolfhound45
SEC Rant16 hours ago
Wolfhound45248/1 7:03 pm

1966 Alabama Football

by BigBro
SEC Rant19 hours ago
BigBro 758/1 5:44 pm

First team to beat Texas in SEC play?

by Audioman213
SEC Rant7 hours ago
Audioman213 178/1 11:03 pm
Texas Weazel

What does LSU teach in Finance 101?

by Eli Goldfinger
SEC Rant5 hours ago
Eli Goldfinger 118/2 1:49 am

Let’s closely examine one of the teams begging to follow Aggie and Mizzou

by Old Sarge
SEC Rant13 hours ago
Old Sarge 108/1 5:49 pm
Harry Rex Vonner

Baylor writer weighs in . . .points out the obvious

by Windy City
SEC Rant19 hours ago
Windy City 178/1 10:37 am

Texas vs Arkansas (the rivalry)

by BigBro
SEC Rant16 hours ago
BigBro 468/1 10:44 pm
Mick Hogger

Warning; actual football topic. What SEC players are expected to play this Thursday?

by JohnnyRebel
SEC Rant9 hours ago
JohnnyRebel 68/1 8:54 pm
Razorback Reverend

How soon will Texas fans start demanding that we add gender pronouns to our signatures?

by BradPitt
SEC Rant12 hours ago
BradPitt 108/1 5:59 pm
Herman Frisco

Times like these make me appreciate Alabama fans

by diddlydawg7
SEC Rant6 hours ago
diddlydawg7 208/2 4:29 am

THIS is the video causing drama??

by AustinAggie
SEC Rant5 hours ago
AustinAggie 158/2 5:04 am

Dabo took over as Head Coach in 2008

by Poichess
SEC Rant7 hours ago
Poichess158/1 11:44 pm
Henry Jones Jr

I would like to welcome ou and Texas fans

by Welcome2daSEC
SEC Rant11 hours ago
Welcome2daSEC 78/1 11:18 pm

SEC Win Total Projections + Betting Odds

by starkvingrad
SEC Rant4 hours ago
starkvingrad 48/2 5:13 am

10 years of jealousy.....

by Fuegoqueso
SEC Rant15 hours ago
Fuegoqueso 188/1 7:24 pm
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