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Braves on the west coast

by Tigertown in ATL comments8
Tigertown in ATL 89/27 7:45 am

Falcons win!!

by FirstCityDawg comments1
FirstCityDawg 19/26 5:39 pm

Off Topic: I visited ATL this weekend

by retooc comments13
retooc 139/24 2:44 pm

Is Bovada still the best app for bets?

by retooc comments8
retooc 89/24 1:03 pm

Freeman going to test free agent waters?

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by PJinAtl comments20
PJinAtl 209/21 11:54 pm

Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons thread

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by FirstCityDawg comments84
FirstCityDawg 849/21 9:15 pm
Vicks Kennel Club


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by Tigertown in ATL comments29
Tigertown in ATL 299/20 1:01 pm

When do the hawks start playing

by DawgGoneDaNcer comments0
DawgGoneDaNcer09/12 4:28 pm

Braves thoughts

by Tigertown in ATL comments7
Tigertown in ATL 79/12 3:19 pm
rebel cat

Charlie Morton resigned for 2022

by VADawg comments4
VADawg 49/9 6:43 am

Braves Mid-August Check In Thread (8/18)

by DirtyDawg comments14
DirtyDawg 149/6 3:07 pm
rebel cat

Falcons sign Wayne Gallman

by FirstCityDawg comments5
FirstCityDawg 59/5 11:05 am

Joc Pederson’s catch!

by FirstCityDawg comments3
FirstCityDawg 39/5 10:36 am
rebel cat

Bomani rips the Falcons

by Whiznot comments6
Whiznot 69/5 10:24 am
rebel cat

There is discussion about shutting down this forum...

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by Chicken comments30
Chicken 309/4 12:20 pm
rebel cat

Cleveland Browns @ Atlanta Falcons preseason finale thread

by FirstCityDawg comments13
FirstCityDawg 139/1 5:24 pm

2021 Corky Kell Classic thread. High School football kicks off in Georgia. Updated sco....

by SteelerBravesDawg comments18
SteelerBravesDawg 188/26 8:43 am

WTF came up with “Truist”?!?

by TailbackU comments4
TailbackU 48/26 7:52 am

About Josh Rosen

by AllDawgCK comments5
AllDawgCK 58/25 7:32 pm

Falcons @ Dolphins preseason thread

by FirstCityDawg comments12
FirstCityDawg 128/25 5:37 am
Tigertown in ATL

McCarron done for year - torn ACL

by FirstCityDawg comments10
FirstCityDawg 108/24 5:03 pm

Freddie hits the cycle!

by FirstCityDawg comments8
FirstCityDawg 88/21 1:12 pm

Braves/Orioles Friday night

by FirstCityDawg comments5
FirstCityDawg 58/21 11:44 am

Franks looked decent

by DawgGoneDaNcer comments6
DawgGoneDaNcer68/20 12:10 pm
Tigertown in ATL

Braves extend D’Arnaud

by FirstCityDawg comments1
FirstCityDawg 18/20 11:59 am
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