During an appearance on Robert Griffin III's podcast, former Alabama DB Kool-Aid McKinstry offered h
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During an appearance on Robert Griffin III's podcast, former Alabama DB Kool-Aid McKinstry offered his thoughts on Nick Saban's retirement...

"Yeah I definitely do. I definitely think that,” McKinstry said, via On3. “I was the last class that really, he didn’t have to worry about asking for money and stuff like that coming out of high school. People worry about the wrong thing. They worry about money like he always looked at it like, you’re going to get money when you get to the league. I’m just here to help you be a better man, help you be a better player, help you make all the money that you want to make in the league

"Yeah there’s money here but this ain’t the money that’s going to help you take care of your family, change your generational wealth. Coach Saban just always wanted the best for us as a player and person."
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lsusteve128 days
Your infatuation with Saban is unhealthy
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Some may not make it to the league and make generational wealth, might as well get the bag while they can in college
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Morpheus28 days
Which has essentially ruined the concept of college athletics in a nutshell.
Not sustainable this way.
Needs big time adjustments.
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faraway28 days
have you worked for free from 18 to 22? not the players fault for cfb being ruined.
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Purple Spoon28 days
It is the adults fault for selling out college sports. It has not been about student athletes for 40 years.
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The Torch28 days
The tasty backstory behind Kool-Aid McKinstry's endorsement deal with Kool-Aid

Brenda Allen didn’t consider endorsement deals when she nicknamed her baby grandson, Ga’Quincy McKinstry, Kool-Aid. She thought about his smile – a big grin that reminded her of the Kool-Aid Man.

McKinstry has plenty to smile about these days.

Alabama’s highly-touted freshman cornerback and the Kool-Aid drink announced an endorsement deal Wednesday, becoming the most obvious partnership to emerge since the NCAA began allowing college athletes to profit off their name, image and likeness on July 1.

In a full embrace of his nickname, McKinstry is listed as “Kool-Aid McKinstry” on Alabama’s roster.

After seeing McKinstry’s name recorded that way on the roster, the Kool-Aid brand thought: Oh yeah!

A partnership was born.
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Salviati28 days
Sooooo . . . Kool-Aid McKinstry didn't receive any inducement to sign with Alabama. Yeah, sure.
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imjustafatkid26 days
Not sure why you wouldn't believe him. If he did, the NCAA wouldn't do anything about it now anyway.
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