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It would be a damn shame

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by joshua2571
joshua2571 3312/12 7:58 am

I'm from Arkansas so excuse me if I'm slow, am I missing something with the Missouri hire?

by City Ham
City Ham 1312/12 7:57 am

Bammer at it again....stay tuned for social media pics of new cars and wads of cash.

by Zip Monkey
Zip Monkey 812/12 7:57 am
Zip Monkey

If you’re Sam Fattman or part of the Arky football program, whats your recruiting pitch?

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by 337Tigah
337Tigah 4312/12 7:57 am

It's been almost a full year since Saban has defeated a ranked team

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by tigerwoodx
tigerwoodx 3412/12 7:56 am

Who is your school's Offensive and Defensive Player of the Decade (2010-2019)?

by PhillyFan1994
PhillyFan19941112/12 7:54 am

Will this be the lowest rated playoff series yet?

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by BarberitosDawg
BarberitosDawg 4212/12 7:53 am

Bret Bielema

by FayetteNAM
FayetteNAM 1912/12 7:52 am
Zip Monkey

The Athletic - Freshman All-American Team

by SummerOfGeorge
SummerOfGeorge 412/12 7:52 am

Per Walt Deptula Clemson's defense faces the best offense every day at practice...

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by Jim Sweet
Jim Sweet 6212/12 7:49 am

Straw Heisman poll of 60 writers at The Athletic & ESPN have all 60 voting Burrow 1st

by JohnnyU
JohnnyU 1412/12 7:46 am
Dixie Normus

why can't other forums master the layout like Chicken and co. have done?

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by CBandits82
CBandits824912/12 7:43 am

Missouri sucked at football and lost to Charleston So in basketball

by Jrv2damac
Jrv2damac 1412/12 7:42 am

Non-LSU fans: Has usage of “corn dog” lost it’s fun?

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by DustyDinkleman
DustyDinkleman 2912/12 7:42 am

Auburn should be move to the East and Missouri to the West.

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by basspig
basspig 3812/12 7:41 am

No one is rooting for LSU or Clemson

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by AHM21
AHM21 11712/12 7:40 am

How was Derek Stingley Jr. not Freshman of the year?

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by Hailstate15
Hailstate15 9112/12 7:38 am

Clemson is Going to Destroy OSU

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by boudinman
boudinman3112/12 7:38 am

How many "offensive geniuses" win the national championship?

by Harry Rex Vonner
Harry Rex Vonner 1012/12 7:36 am

Better Basketball Program: Memphis or Tennessee

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by pioneerbasketball
pioneerbasketball 4212/12 7:27 am

Imagine laughing at the Coach Orgeron hire

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by DustyDinkleman
DustyDinkleman 5212/12 7:26 am

Who stays/goes for your bowl game?

by TailbackU
TailbackU 312/12 7:25 am

I’m a Bama fan, not an SEC fan

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by KingOfTheWorld
KingOfTheWorld 10312/12 7:24 am

The sig picture is awesome

by makersmark1
makersmark1 412/12 7:12 am

Apologize for another Chad Morris thread:

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by HM11AU
HM11AU 2212/12 6:58 am
Leto II
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