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The Vandy kicker half time speech

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by sabes que
sabes que3012/2 12:14 pm

Michigan considering “giving up” on the rest of the season

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by JesusQuintana
JesusQuintana 4612/2 12:42 pm

Bama isn't accomplishing anything this weekend.

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by Tigerlaff
Tigerlaff 3512/2 12:42 pm

Is Kentucky even a basketball school anymore?

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by diddlydawg7
diddlydawg7 2512/2 11:55 am

Looks like 59-3 is the target score

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by Sid E Walker
Sid E Walker 4212/2 12:19 pm

Vandy should continue their oath to equality in football and hire the first female HC in f

by lewis and herschel
lewis and herschel 1612/2 12:26 pm

Good thing Covid has Krystals shut down...

by Lemonpuppy
Lemonpuppy 1012/2 12:09 pm

I wish I could see the Vandy players faces when ole girl gave them a speech at halftime

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by Byrdybyrd05
Byrdybyrd0510712/2 9:35 am

Since Pio is in Jail, SEC hoopy ball games today

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by Pigfeet
Pigfeet3212/2 12:39 pm

Sam Pittman “I put on some weight at Missouri”

by JesusQuintana
JesusQuintana 1112/2 11:50 am

ESPN Strength of Record Rankings

by SummerOfGeorge
SummerOfGeorge 412/2 9:48 am

Sarah Fuller Heisman odds

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by AMac
AMac 2212/2 12:21 am

In my 8 years on the Rant....

by Lonnie Utah
Lonnie Utah212/2 11:22 am

What NFL team will draft the Vandy kicker and

by jb4
jb4 912/2 9:44 am

Texas, TAMU, FSU and Ark were supposed to join the SEC in 1992

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by Mithridates6
Mithridates6 2112/2 12:51 pm
Eat Your Crow

Per Chris Lee of VandySports, multiple starters have quit the team because of Sarah Fuller

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by diddlydawg7
diddlydawg7 25212/2 12:51 pm
I let the dogs out

Can Gus resist this?

by Auburn80
Auburn80 712/2 12:50 pm

SEC and LSU president were warned two years ago about LSU's inaction

by Murph4HOF
Murph4HOF 312/2 12:50 pm

ND or A&M - Does the committee chicken out?

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by chillmonster
chillmonster 3712/2 12:34 pm

2nd College Football Playoff Rankings

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by Scorpion
Scorpion5112/2 12:24 pm

You are welcome Florida

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by TheMidnightTiger
TheMidnightTiger 2012/2 12:06 pm

List of things that will be posted after the Bama win Saturday by zealous Bama fans

by FourThreeForty
FourThreeForty 712/2 12:51 pm

Where the Tennessee fans?

by OliverQueen81
OliverQueen81 1612/2 9:53 am

Ole Miss’ probation

by ManBearSharkReb
ManBearSharkReb 412/2 10:42 am

Just noticed the Rant Christmas lights are up

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by SidewalkTiger
SidewalkTiger 2012/2 11:54 am
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