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Justin Fields: “Damn I handed that ball off good as frick!”

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by SXV
SXV 3012/18 11:13 am
Malefic Runt

Its a shame Kirby has to lie to these kids to get them on Campus.

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by mistaken4193
mistaken4193 8112/18 10:53 am

Fields leaving Georgia

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by remaster916
remaster916 10112/18 11:14 am

Georgia sportswriter for Rivals has the latest on Fields

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by jatebe
jatebe 5112/18 8:27 am

Oklahoma's coaching staff are scumbags

by Bruiser Stone
Bruiser Stone912/18 11:19 am
Bruiser Stone

Is Tennessee planning on hiring a OC for 2019?

by SummerOfGeorge
SummerOfGeorge 912/18 11:15 am

This just in, breaking!

by AshleySchaeffer
AshleySchaeffer 1012/17 10:42 pm

Right when everyone thought the SEC was overrated in basketball, the conference wins

by jptiger2009
jptiger2009 212/18 9:01 am

Kirby Smart staying one step ahead of the rest of college coaches

by AuburnCO08
AuburnCO08 1512/17 11:27 pm
Cobb Dawg

This Kirby vs Dabo article aged nicely.

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by BHTiger
BHTiger 3512/18 9:56 am
Lonnie Utah

Any chance Fields goes to Bama?

by Bench McElroy
Bench McElroy912/18 10:44 am

Cam Newton is garbage

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by BigDaddyDawg
BigDaddyDawg6212/18 10:58 am

We might not have the NT’s Alabama has but this to me was one of the greatest upsets

by MullenBoys
MullenBoys 1212/18 11:13 am
El Batnaros

The moment fields knew he wanted out

by Tua and 26
Tua and 26 512/17 9:49 pm
Bham Bammer

What everyone REALLY wants to know about Fields

by Lonnie Utah
Lonnie Utah112/18 11:09 am

Pre-melt : Alabama lost to Liberty???????? Alabama lost to Liberty!!!!

by SummerOfGeorge
SummerOfGeorge 1212/18 11:18 am

Big Six Against Final Ranked Opponents, All-Time

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by Korin
Korin 2412/18 10:43 am

Bobby Bowden wrote the book on how to get respect...

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by BamaGradinTn
BamaGradinTn 2012/17 9:27 pm
Evolved Simian

How soon will Fields be in a AU uniform?

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by AUCE05
AUCE05 2012/17 7:24 pm

According to Herman, UGA's running game is no different than that of "Kansas"

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by ColoradoAg
ColoradoAg 8612/18 9:55 am

Young SEC RBs turning into stars the NFL, signs of things to come

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by SummerOfGeorge
SummerOfGeorge 4412/17 5:54 pm

When was the beginning of the end for Justin Fields at Georgia?

by ForeverGator
ForeverGator 1612/17 7:52 pm

OT the Scout forums are reportedly leaking IP Addresses

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by BoomNation
BoomNation 2612/18 10:00 am

Heisman U

by Boomer00
Boomer00 1012/18 10:45 am

The Rumor about Fields transfer

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by diddlydawg7
diddlydawg7 2712/17 8:40 pm
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