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Josh Dobbs is about to steal Kyler Murrays's job in Arizona

by WhiskeyRiverBlues comments16
WhiskeyRiverBlues 1610/3 8:48 am

Favorite part of your school's fight song?

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by Ricky Gene Waters comments22
Ricky Gene Waters 2210/3 8:26 am
Cheese Grits

Gator fans….you are fricked next year with that schedule

(Page 1 2)
by AUWDE comments32
AUWDE 3210/3 8:20 am

Eli Manning Most Career Passing Yards in OM and NY Giants Franchise History

by BurnsideStyle comments4
BurnsideStyle 410/3 8:18 am

What's the rants actual thought on Jayden Daniels?

(Page 1 2)
by Hurricane2020 comments31
Hurricane2020 3110/3 8:16 am

How good is Tennessee's defense this season?

by Violent Hip Swivel comments14
Violent Hip Swivel 1410/3 7:53 am

Herbstreit's top performing PLAYERS from Week 5:

by Tiger_Claw comments0
Tiger_Claw 010/3 7:49 am

I know most NFL rosters have a lot of SEC players on them, but the Eagles....

by koreandawg comments4
koreandawg 410/3 7:29 am

SEC dominates the bottom of the AP Top 25 with 4 of the final 6.

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by BuckI comments32
BuckI 3210/3 7:16 am

We need to fire Arnett now

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by deltaland comments62
deltaland 6210/3 7:12 am

Who is the best 2 loss team in the country?

by fareplay comments5
fareplay 510/3 4:52 am
Pvt Hudson

Dan Enos (Ark OC) was responding to emails today...

by finchmeister08 comments16
finchmeister08 1610/3 12:20 am

Highest rated QBs: Week 5

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by joshnorris14 comments24
joshnorris14 2410/2 11:33 pm

Congratulations again Ole Miss

by TrueTigerTale comments13
TrueTigerTale 1310/2 11:25 pm

tRant is golden. "B1G" socks and insecure incoming members, ban bets, East is best...

by kilo comments1
kilo 110/2 11:24 pm

Here's a stat that is hard to believe (oh, how the mighty have fallen -- and keep falling)

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by JetDawg comments31
JetDawg 3110/2 11:21 pm

Miss State, the Broncos are COMIN! (siap)

by teamjackson comments3
teamjackson310/2 11:01 pm

Hawg boosters mobilizing.

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by JayAg comments97
JayAg 9710/2 10:16 pm

LSU vs Mizzou: it’s happening.

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by RamboMizzou comments93
RamboMizzou 9310/2 9:47 pm

Honest assessment of your team after Saturday's game

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by bigDgator comments103
bigDgator 10310/2 9:20 pm

SEC Roll Call - Week 5

by five_fivesix comments7
five_fivesix 710/2 8:41 pm

Hey Auburn (no troll)

by deeprig9 comments14
deeprig9 1410/2 8:19 pm

Remember that thread from last week about LSU being underacheivers??

by themetalreb comments3
themetalreb 310/2 8:17 pm

A&M vs. Alabama will be a defensive struggle if A&M is to win.

by aTm boy comments16
aTm boy 1610/2 8:04 pm
Heinrich H

LSU and their historically shitty defenses

by Violent Hip Swivel comments0
Violent Hip Swivel 010/2 8:02 pm
Violent Hip Swivel
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