On The Matt Barrie Show, ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum predicted that Alabama head coach Nick Saban purchased a new Florida mansion because he's "on short time"...

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TouchdownTony11 months
If/When that day comes the first talked to will be
Kirby Smart
Ryan Day
Lincoln Riley
One of the three will take it due to the sheer intrigue. Not crazy about Lincoln Riley but he will not like the PAC going away and will be ripe. Same with Day andthe BIG. Smart will depend on a couple things.
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lsuson11 months
Yeah I see him coaching this year and next year will be his last. The SEC is getting harder now that Georgia and CBK arrived.
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ColdTurkey11 months
Saban ruled cfb for over a decade. It'll be a strange day when he retires. Good for LSU, but still strange.
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PetroBabich12 months
One of the worst things the SEC network did was expose this idiot to the masses outside of his shite radio show in Alabama
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Nix to Twillie12 months
Coach O gonna move in next door and never cut his yard.
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ShadowTigerTX11 months
I'd chip in for that.
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Mud_Bone12 months
Well, the man deserves it.
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Timeoday12 months
Saban may not make it through this year.
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4LSUinSC12 months
Maybe Nick and Urban can hang out together.
Roll turd…I mean that detergent T*de.
Geaux fighting tigers
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TwoDatBait12 months
Finebaum, the crazy ex girlfriend
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Freeze gets hired and Saban buys a retirement home. More news at 11.
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Glorious12 months
Theory: 71 year old man might retire soon
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The sooner the better, Nick.
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jp4lsu12 months
It would be hard to imagine him leaving the house empty for 6-8 months out of the year. Maybe he is getting close to the end. Maybe a couple more years.
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atxfan12 months
I hear what you are saying but he already has other houses that sit empty for 6-8 mos out of the year. I'm sure that it is a retirement home but the timing could be driven by a softer market?
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SoFla Tideroller12 months
I got news for you, most of those house on Jupiter Island are empty for 6-9 months a year. Just like the 30million ones on Palm Beach.
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PeleofAnalytics12 months
I know people that live in Summit Country Colorado that got bought out over the span of a decade. The vacation homes there are rarely occupied by the owners. The owners lend the houses out to friends and family but the maintenance workers spend more time there than any of the owners.
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mpwilging12 months
Nick is going middle-age crazy, even though he's in his 70s. Next we'll hear he's dating Lane's GF sister lol...
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Koolazzkat12 months
I’m a grossly underpaid bullsh!tter and this season is his last.
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rar12 months
So a rumor monger is an analyst...or overpaid bullshitter mite be more appropriate.
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DoubleDown12 months
Would not surprise me. Nick is 71 currently, I don't imagine he'd coach after 75, at most.
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HC8712 months
You don't buy a house like that, at his age, in that location, to let it sit empty. Clock is ticking and that should not come as a surprise.
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