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ESPN's Paul Finebaum appeared on ‘McElroy and Cubelic In The Morning’ on Monday and talked about Brian Kelly's comments about NIL and the transfer portal that went viral during an interview with Jacques Doucet last week.

Much of what Kelly said made total sense, but the media chose to dissect a small clip where he talked about how the Tigers are “not in the market of buying players.”

Finebaum blamed the media for not digesting everything Kelly had to say, instead choosing to fire off a quick response against him. Per On3:

Finebaum discussed the coverage of Kelly’s words during an appearance on ‘McElroy and Cubelic In The Morning’ on Monday. He blamed sports media for being so quick to having takes on it without truly understanding the response’s context. That has since led to ideas of Kelly that are as false as they are difficult to take back.

“What happened last week was a major indictment of the sport’s media today and why, in many ways, it is not to be believed,” said Finebaum. “I say that coming from a position where I’m often criticized, as you guys are, for how we handle certain stories. It was media malpractice. It was absolutely disgraceful – the way so many people took that and ran with it without having any idea of what Brian Kelly said.”

“By the way, you don’t have to listen to 20 minutes. All you need to do is listen to two minutes of his specific answer to Jacques Doucet’s question,” Finebaum said. “It made perfect sense but, by the time we get a chance to listen to it nowadays in the media, guys, everybody has already disseminated their hot takes and their kill shots. It’s very hard to put the genie back in the bottle.”
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user avatar
mpwilging1 month
Paul has risen to the top of my list. PAWL...
user avatar
ZenFNmaster1 month
I am living in bizarro world when Paul Finebaum is coming to the aid of the Head Coach at LSU.
The next thing we know, Spiderman will be robbing banks, Hillary Clinton will admit to all those murders, and Catholic Priests will be in favor of chemical castration.
user avatar
Bosco1 month
Hillary Clinton murders? Jesus, this state has an embarrassment of morons.
user avatar
SwampBandit1 month
If you don’t think the Clintons have taken out people then you have a thick set of blindfolds on lol
user avatar
FoTownBam1 month
Bet you believe OJ was innocent too, and Epstein definitely killed himself
user avatar
LSUbest1 month
A packaged smear.
user avatar
LSUvet721 month
Was it Kelly's intent to attract loyal players and shun the moneybaggers?
user avatar
Spankum1 month
You’d better believe that was his intent…every coach thinks it, but BK had the nerve to say it.
user avatar
FireawayLSU1 month
Paul has always been fair. Yes he talks about Bama. Bama was king everyone talked about them. But if you really listened Paul is about as fair as they get.
user avatar
RazzleDazzle1 month
He aint wrong
user avatar
Cracking1 month
It seems like a lot of media members are still sour about Kelly choosing LSU over the prestigious and historic Notre Dame! It's the obvious elitism in the media! Kelly can't make a sound or a decision without the pessimistic microscope of the Northeast Media taking a shot at him! It's been obnoxious, but that type of treatment will only draw true fans and committed players tighter to his program! Ultimately it will create more of a family feeling. That situation where we can talk trash about our brothers, but if someone else does, we're ready to fight for our family!
user avatar
cajuntiger071 month
Daddy Saban aint around anymore... He needs a new bandwagon to jump on!
user avatar
theballguy1 month
Why does everyone hate LSU? lol
user avatar
Mouche3371 month
Because we in the South and most of the major sports media resides in the North and the west. So they promote teams in the North and the west even tho the south produces the best athletes and everyone knows it! Bama was the only team the got media coverage because Saban's resume couldn't be ignored. Why you think Northern schools are ranked so high even tho they don't play anyone? Meanwhile LSU can beat 7 top 10 teams and still not be ranked #1 until the playoffs start (2019) and if they lose 1 game, they free fall in the rankings (every year).
user avatar
Mr Happy1 month
I don't love Paul but he's right.
user avatar
CajunBullet1 month
Well said
user avatar
idlewatcher1 month
Look at Pawl going to bat for CBK for a change.
user avatar
Zephyrius1 month
We must shite on everything LSU --- the media. This has gone extreme by the national media since Brian Kelly and Kim Mulkey.
user avatar
I like that the media hates us. It’s that much sweeter when we rub it in their faces when we win
user avatar
Shaq4prez1 month
The media doesn't hate LSU. The media hates everyone. The source of the media determines the target
user avatar
Shiftyplus11 month
The media does not hate USC, or tOSU, OR Michigan, or Oregon, or Notre Dame. There are schools that receive coddling and those that receive smug resentment. No matter if the best sports are played at the latter, it's the geographic location and political makeup of the fanbases that infuriate the talking heads.
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