The SEC revealed its revamped, re-organized 2024 football schedule on Wednesday night and Paul Finebaum revealed his pick for toughest schedule...

“Yeah, it’s Florida,” Finebaum said when asked who had the most difficult schedule to navigate.

“And it would be one thing if Billy Napier was in good shape. He is not. He’s had two very disappointing, frustrating seasons."
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scrooster2 months
SC has the toughest schedule. Pawl is wrong, as usual.

Old Dominion
@ Kentucky
Ole Miss
@ Alabama
@ Oklahoma
Texas A&M
@ Vanderbilt
@ Clemson
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weremoose3 months
Paul hasn't been able to get hard in 60 years
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That stretch from 11/2 to 11/30 is brutal.
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TigerB83 months
OleMiss opens with the easiest schedule.

Aug. 31 FURMAN
Sept. 14 at Wake Forest
Oct. 5 at South Carolina

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CrimsonPlanet3 months
A lot of home games,maybe it will help...probably not though.
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BlackPot3 months
If Napier comes out with a winning season, that'll look amazing on him.
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DoubleDown3 months
I dunno, UGA's schedule looks like a nightmare.
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KennabraTiger3 months
Zero wins after September
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Csmims3 months
0-5 in November
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HailFreezusOver3 months
hard teams but, 9 games in Florida 3 outside. that's how they evened it out
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fr33manator3 months
That last stretch is a murderers row
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Lsu has the easiest
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tirebiter3 months
Pffffttt, have 3 games at home to start the season including UM and A&M, neutral site with UGA, and 7 home games total. Cry me a river Paul and Billy.
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Walt OReilly3 months
So Napiers last season at UF
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Timeoday3 months
So because UF is very weak it makes their schedule very strong? WTF!!
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soccerfüt3 months
Those last five games! I hate those Jortsian gator inbred morans but that is extreme.
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penman3 months
The Moran’s are a prominent Southwest Louisiana family; please don’t disrespect their good name in this libelous manner.
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StadiumDormNEZ723 months
People who misspell "MORONS" r my favrit- at leest we kno yew aint one them woke colidge libruls.
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WhoDatNC3 months
They may end up firing the head coach and the next two interims during next season.
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Warboo3 months
I only see 2 for sure wins.
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POTUS20243 months
It's certainly the toughest but very entertaining. They could go to 20 teams and still maintain East and West divisions and all the rivalries.
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Sterling Archer3 months
On paper that could be the hardest pre-season schedule I've ever seen
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