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re: Shame Bama will likely never see 15-0

Why are LSU fans running around acting like 15-0 and winning the NC is any different/better than 13-0 and winning the nc?

Bc they played 15 games and had 3 wins against college football powerhouses like GA Southern, NW State, and Utah State. If you add those three to Bama's schedule in 2020, there's no way the Tide finishes undefeated man. Come on.


Their one NC is “so much better” than the 6 Bama has won in the last 12 years.

Part of the real rub is this. They had that flash in the pan last year that was out of the norm and they hoped and prayed it was a sign of change coming (Ed O in the locker room claimed it was). Then reality hit them this year with a 5-5 record while the team they aspire to be restored order to the tune of 55-17 en route to the 6th championship in 12 years. Bama did this all while beating LSU in recruiting (again), on the field (again), and winning virtually every award imaginable along the way. It stings them and their constant posting about Bama makes the inferiority complex all the more obvious.

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re: Shame Bama will likely never see 15-0
11-0 in the SEC
2-0 in Playoffs

If they had played these scums they would easy be 16-0...

Georgia Southern
Northwestern State
Utah State

55-17 Bitch

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