Nick Saban Goes Off On ‘Self-Absorbed’ Alabama Fans Rant During His Show
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Alabama head coach Nick Saban didn’t hold back on his latest “Nick Saban Show” appearance. While discussing the fan base’s expectations for the team, Saban addressed the Crimson Tide's "self-absorbed " fans and he went off...
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And yet every one of those people clapping and cheering him on throughout the rant have done (or are) exactly what he described...
Reply39 min
Good for him
Reply2 hours
Bama fans are going to force Nick Saban out lol
Reply9 hours
Great rant, but the fans are too self absorbed to listen or care.
Reply13 hours
One of the reasons why he left Baton Rouge…there…I said it…
Reply18 hours
Sounds like preparing the fans for losing to UGA.
Reply20 hours
Not getting paid. Lololololololokolokololololololol
Reply20 hours
It would have been great for him to say, “You know, F it, I going coach LSU. They’re are going to appreciate what we do.”
Reply20 hours
Hey @ss-wipe.. look in the mirror if you want to see complacency. This team don't meet the standard, it's not even close. Stop being such a whiny little pussy and man up and start coaching football again. Win or hit the door!
Reply22 hours
Welp we know who one of the fans are.
11 hours
I'm pretty this little gem of a rant was... for you! He's the greatest coach of all time, I'm sorry what have you done?
6 hours
It's alright, Nick. Come back to LSU, and we'll take care of ya.
Reply1 day
BRING NICK HOME! $100 Million for 5 year. And give him an extra $5 Million/Year to hire and mold a HCIW
Reply1 day
Welp, when the head coach speaks it...LOL. I know a few BAMA fans that I won't watch games with. I've cheered during an LSU BAMA game and gotten dirty looks from them in my own house. He's not wrong.... Saban knows what is wrong with team and sometimes it's not an easy fix. Guy has his coordinators poached every year and he recovers well from that. If the rabies infected bama fans don't want him, I'd welcome him back.
Reply1 day
Living in New Orleans as a Bama fan, I feel your pain. The shite I get from LSU fans while cheering for Bama in their presence has definitely gotten some death stares. Seeing that happens in a lot of cases while anyone cheers for your team in front of rival fans, I’m not sure what it has to do with Saban’s rant.
5 hours
That a weird way to say “I’m out and heading back to LSU where I’ll be appreciated”.
Reply1 day
Coach of the $30,000,000 players
Reply1 day
Lol the Auburn town crier appears again.
1 day
He has always done the same thing he’s complaining about. He has always demanded perfection or he had a tantrum. He can dish it out but he can’t take it.
Reply1 day
He’s the coach. Coaches and fans are different. Can’t believe I had to type that.
1 day
This is a really dumb comment.
23 hours
Do you think Nick would coach for 60 thousand a year. I cringe when someone making 20 million a year preach to the rest of us because he doesn't like them way we cheer for his ass.
Reply1 day
No one is stopping you from making 20 million a year, except you.
23 hours
There are just some fans that have no clue of reality! Live their lives through a football team. Get a life people it is just a game!
Reply1 day
That is frustration. He always takes this out on fans but Bamas play has been criticized from one end of the country to the other. He's frustrated and vented at the only folks he could vent to. Giving up 300 yds passing to the arkie qb will cause some frustration.
Reply1 day
That was awesome Nick!!! Tell it like it is brother! frick those entitled pussy Bama fans! Nick: "When I first got here you (fans) were happy to win A Game"! lol
Reply1 day
Meh, he went off on LSU fans a couple time. Catastrophe syndrome was one I think. Every top program has entitled fans. U just fired a coach a little over a year after winning a national title. Yes, Bama has entitled fans but don't act like you don't.
1 day
Dear Nick, you wouldn’t have a job without the fans. Quit being so cocky, little man.
Reply1 day
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