Bluebella Lingerie are doing things a little bit different. To model their new line they went out and hired Olympic rugby players to be their models...

This actually upset some other female athletes. Per The Telegraph...

Martina Navratilova has led a backlash against a “regressive” campaign featuring Team GB’s Olympic rugby players in lingerie.

Sharron Davies, the former swimmer, and Mara Yamauchi, the former British distance runner, also expressed dismay at a photoshoot purporting to change perceptions that “strong female form is not ‘feminine’”.

Ellie Boatman, Jasmine Joyce and Celia Quansah … were signed up by lingerie company Bluebella’s #StrongIsBeautiful campaign. …

Navratilova, who won 18 major singles tennis titles, and other leading campaigners for women’s sport unimpressed. Navratilova said the campaign “feels really regressive and sexist to me”. …

Davies and Yamauchi said the campaign will not help tackle this issue. Davies wrote on X: “What the actual ---- this is an utterly shameful campaign, whose braindead idea was this? Oh yeah let’s get professional female sports women in porn underwear! Extremely regressive… stereotypes yet again.”

Yamauchi said that the campaign is “exploitative, demeaning, sexist, regressive rubbish”. “Of course the intended audience is men,” she added. “Portraying women as sex objects will not encourage teenage girls into sport.”

The #StrongIsBeautiful campaign has been running for the past eight years and has previously included female athletes for the Rio and Tokyo Olympics.
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user avatar
imjustafatkid3 days
At least they're not men.
user avatar
danilo4 days
I have done worse
user avatar
Lithium4 days
user avatar
TheEnglishman4 days
at least they are fit women.
user avatar
GoRuckTiger4 days
Do women buy lingerie for themselves or for their significant other? I think it’s a bit of both so I’m not sure why people are up in arms about this campaign ad. Would the offended rather have men wear the lingerie? On second thought don’t answer that.
user avatar
Jwils4 days
Home Alone-"Woof!"
user avatar
Also, why would older women get mad at this? With how many lesbians are openly out here right now, this is more for them than anybody else.
user avatar
The one on the left at the top video is the type of women that should be in the Hollywood movies fighting. Tired of seeing them parade around stick figure chicks beating up dudes and monsters and aliens.
user avatar
NotoriousFSU4 days
Bill Clinton would approve. He’s always had a thing for the thicc type.
user avatar
Tasseo4 days
Didn't Victorias Secret make it big advertising to men and not women? Though I see a booty id spank, this was overall gross.
user avatar
Mr Happy4 days
Those three would comlete a helluva foursome.
user avatar
Jimbeaux4 days
The lingerie was strange and ugly. That company would sell more if they put the lingerie on actually attractive and feminine models.
user avatar
TheosDeddy4 days
I got a weird boner now
user avatar
CDawson4 days
That is some strong, tough girls right there. I appreciate anyone that has the mentality and physical attributes to compete on a professional level for just about any sport.
user avatar
cbree884 days
user avatar
6R124 days
why old tennis girl/guy griping about it????????????
user avatar
daydranking5 days
of course its the old women mad about this. how much do yall wanna bet that in secret theyre jealous that this was never an offer for them. old women see young women having fun and immediately begin hating on them.
user avatar
TheWalrus5 days
I’ll take Ellie Boatman
user avatar
Thracken135 days
if they were offered the job, accepted it knowing what they were being paid to do - then the other women need to STFU and mind their business.
user avatar
atltiger64875 days
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