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Week 1 Discussion

by Farmer1906
Farmer1906 49/22 3:29 pm

SEC alt channel on Hulu w/ live tv

ISEN_AG 59/22 11:41 am

Anthony Hines

by ObtuseAggie512
ObtuseAggie512 129/22 6:54 am
aTmTexas Dillo

Season tickets

by Ag_16
Ag_16 89/15 4:56 pm
Texas Weazel

Baylor Cupp

by Ole Ag
Ole Ag 139/8 12:14 pm

More eligibility?

by MavsAg
MavsAg58/24 4:37 pm

SEC coaches gossip about conference foes

by Texas Weazel
Texas Weazel 168/24 11:28 am

The "lost class": 2018 Recruiting Class

by CGSC Lobotomy
CGSC Lobotomy 78/19 7:51 pm

2020 Schedule Discussion

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by Farmer1906
Farmer1906 278/18 9:54 am

Talk about your big d*** power play

by Roger Klarvin
Roger Klarvin 118/14 12:20 am

New opponents

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by MavsAg
MavsAg258/9 8:32 pm

Astros 2020

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by Ag_16
Ag_16 399/22 10:15 pm
aTmTexas Dillo

MLB 2020

by Farmer1906
Farmer1906 117/27 5:54 pm
aTmTexas Dillo

We are about to play Tech, arent we

by WestCoastAg
WestCoastAg 157/16 11:16 am

Mond's ancestors served in the CSA?

by CGSC Lobotomy
CGSC Lobotomy 177/20 8:52 am

Moving to Bulverde this month - Y'all having high school football in the Fall?

by TideSaint
TideSaint 37/8 7:09 am
Old Sarge

State Fair 2020

by drivebyag
drivebyag 57/7 8:38 pm
Captain Crown

Our ongoing NCAA trouble...

by The Balinese Club
The Balinese Club 158/10 11:53 am

Texags in full CYA mode.

by CGSC Lobotomy
CGSC Lobotomy 67/4 7:29 pm
Roger Klarvin

DeAggy Jordan not going to Disney (COVID)

by TbirdSpur2010
TbirdSpur2010 87/7 11:07 pm

Everyone shut the hell up

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by TbirdSpur2010
TbirdSpur2010 326/29 10:47 am

And with that, we’re at war (Sul Ross statue vandalized)

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by Roger Klarvin
Roger Klarvin 686/21 10:39 am
Pvt Hudson

I would like to remind everyone about a very important upcoming TEXAS holiday

by KaiserSoze99
KaiserSoze99 36/18 7:51 pm
CGSC Lobotomy

Fisher: “When adversity challenges us, our greatest triumph as a team comes from ....”

by EKG
EKG 56/8 8:41 am

Never Forget those who fought/served/died.

by KaiserSoze99
KaiserSoze99 65/26 11:13 am
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