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Ever seen a prominent coach in public just by chance?

When I lived in Baton Rouge I was watching a local football game and I noticed an older gentleman a couple rows behind me to my left. I thought for a moment and realized it was Charlie McClendon. He was bouncing a grand kid on his leg and looked happy.

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Mark Gottfried opened the door for me at Kozy's in Tuscaloosa one time. That was neat.

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Mark Gottfried opened the door for me at Kozy's in Tuscaloosa one time. That was neat.

Was this at night? Had he just come off the golf course?

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Not sure about prominence, but I shared a bus to the rental car station from the Denver Airport with Bruce Pearl a few years back. It was during the middle of Summer and we talked for a few minutes about the upcoming season. I thanked him for some United Way work he did for my company back when he was in Knoxville. Super personable guy.

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I saw Mark Gottfried at the golf course one time. His stroke was pretty impressive.

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Saw O and his side piece at the Lauberge casino by the pool in August.

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Chatted with Bill Curry at Yesterday's in Columbia when he was here for an ESPN2 game we had that weekend. He was a gem of a man.

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My sister was a chef at a prominent country club in the southeast and has made breakfast for pretty much every big name coach/former player you could think of. She always said Spurrier was the nicest.

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May not count as prominent but I saw Justin Fuente in a gas station here in Memphis one time. I cant remember the time line but Memphis wasnt good but we were turning the corner. I think he was more shocked that somebody recognized him than anything.

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I let Coach Cutcliffe ahead of me in line at Noodles & Company in Durham bc I didn't know what I wanted yet.
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I used to see Nolan Richardson all the time in Fayetteville. We shared the same bank and were often in there at the same time around the first of the month. Though I have no doubt his checks were a lot larger than mine.

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Back when Birmingham had the "All-American Bowl" in 1989, the Duke coaching staff and their families came to my parent's house for dinner Christmas Night. My fiance',now wife, and I came over to assist. Opened the door and there was a man with his wife and son with a bus in the driveway."Hi,I'm Steve Spurrier,my wife Jeri and our little boy Scotty." Pretty cool.

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Saw and spoke to Houston Dale Nutt (and all of the hogs ) as he was leaving a theater in Columbus, Ga. Arkansas was playing Auburn the next day. Matt Jones looked high as frick.

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This one time at Arbys...

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I saw Terry Bowden shithoused at Denaros once.

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Ran into Rob Ryan in Starkville while he was coaching with the Saints and his son was taking a visit.

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Met Mike Shula and his gold chain at the hospital in Northport. My nephew was born the same day as one of his children. I was wearing an Auburn shirt and he told me I needed to cover it up before saying just kidding and congratulations.

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I was in the check-out line at Wal-Mart in Oxford, MS. The guy ahead of me was David Cutcliffe and his wife, he was still the coach at OM at that time. If anyone else knew who he was they did not act like it.

I was in a Waffle House in Cumming, GA some years back and this guy comes in and sits at counter and orders his food. I got to thinking I know who that is but could not recall exactly who it was. It finally came to me that it was Leeman Bennett, former head coach of the Falcons and the Buccaneers. He was out of coaching at that time.

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Bobby Petrino at the KY derby a few years back. It was after Arkansas and I believe he was at Western KY at the time.

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My brother and I were just back from Vietnam in 1969, enrolled at Alabama. We were eating breakfast at 5:30 AM in cafe in Northport when Coach Bryant walked in.

Coach was notoriously bad remembering names... and I think he thought we were former players... In any case he walked to our table and said “how you boys doin’.” We both nearly jumped to attention because honestly that was the effect he had on people... and after the military I had no inclination to ever stand at attention. .

Years later i married into the family of his best friend and mentor and saw him many times. But the first encounter still looms large in my memory.
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