Following Texas Tech's win over Ole Miss in last night's TaxAct Texas Bowl, Rebels head coach Lane Kiffin said an opposing player spit at one of his own players and suggested the player uttered a racial slur at his player...

"There was a racial slur involved; that's not the point of what we're talking about, [it's] about the spitting part," Kiffin told reporters. "I brought our own 71 up to the officials, right or wrong, you see him crying? He's not crying, not because he got spit on, it's because something was said."
On Thursday, Texas Tech fired back at Kiffin's accusations
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DeafVallyBatnR17 months
If they are both black the TT guy could have called the Ole Miss guy and Uncle Tom.
user avatar
Hangit17 months
I think that releasing statements that some lawyer wrote, and claiming it is some kid's or coaches' statement, should be banned. If the kid, or coach, has something to say, let them say it. without legal-aid.
user avatar
Drizzt17 months
Lost all respect for Lane now. His team got their arse handed to them, plain and simple.
user avatar
SOL217 months
Sounds like a sore loser
user avatar
Mr Happy17 months
Is Kiffin saying his player is crying because he was called the n-word?
user avatar
gamecockman1217 months
Kiffin is such a bitch. What a pathetic statement after a loss.
user avatar
ForLSU5617 months
Kiffin is an immature individual, always has been and always will be...that is the reason he will NEVER win anything no matter where he coaches. Ole Miss and their hotty toddy BS deserve this clown.
user avatar
eugene1928LSU17 months
Ole missy will always be a 6 to 8 win team under kiffin.
user avatar
captdalton17 months
The fact that so much effort was wasted on this, and those responses were so finely tuned, means that this most likely did happen.
user avatar
TerryDawg0317 months
Way to overshadow the tribute to Leach with this nonsense.
user avatar
olgoi khorkhoi17 months
Whatever was said must have been super serious to bring 71 to tears.
user avatar
Tiger in Texas17 months
I think Ole Miss has never been the same since falling apart and losing to LSU...
user avatar
BigDropper17 months
Take your loss like a man. This is some Aggie level post-loss shenanigans.
user avatar
Shabath22717 months
Kiffen is a disgrace that I’m thinking Ole Miss fans wish was now at Auburn.
user avatar
Le Tenia17 months
They are both black players. Not sure what the issue is here.
user avatar
PeleofAnalytics17 months
Maybe one has some Irish in him and he got called a potato head. I have been called that one and am a bit partial to it.
user avatar
KAGTASTIC17 months
What did he say exactly Lane? Be specific too or didn't happen.
user avatar
Godfather117 months
Kiffin = biggest attention whore in CFB.
user avatar
caleb0717 months
Kiffin is full of it.
user avatar
Honest Tune17 months
Until Saban retires… he has that title.
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