Reports Are Texas Will 'break the bank' To Get Nick Saban
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Before Texas hired Charlie Strong, they made a run at trying to land Alabama head coach Nick Saban. Obviously, that didn't happen. But now with Strong on the way out and rumors of him being linked to the Miami job, CBS Sports' Brian Jones says Texas will go at Saban again...

“There will be another run at Mr. Saban,” Jones said. “They will break the bank. Whatever it takes.”
You think Saban even entertains this thought?
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LSUTigresFan102 months
I am a LSU fan because I am a Louisianian, but I am a UT Student so Hook em!
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abellsujr102 months
Lane Kiffin will soon be announced as Alabama's next head coach.
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gameovergt102 months
He Gone~!~!~!
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stout102 months
atltiger6487, Nick makes a lot of money but it is well documented he has made some bad investment decisions. Most of them were with Perkins Rowe and he is still dealing with some of that mess. I don't think he is as wealthy as you think.
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thatdude1985102 months
This is pathetic
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Meauxjeaux102 months
Saban would dominate at Texas and put another ring on his finger.... only coach to win NC at 3 schools? That's the motivation.
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paul02085102 months
Oh the prayers of the other 13 sec teams tired of being rolled by Bama. Please God save us from Bama!!! ??
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Storm Warning102 months
Tuscaloosa or Austin? Lol! Man, that's a tough one.
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10 million and he's in Austin.
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Im pulling for you texas. Come strong or dont come at all.
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double d102 months
Nobody can match UT for money to even think they can is absurd, but does Nick want to start over at his age?
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Thorny102 months
He's not leaving Bama, unless he decides to give the NFL another try in Indy. I give that about a 10% chance.

Yes, Texas can throw money at him, but if they do, Bama is sure to match it. In no other way is Texas a better job than Bama.
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Forkbeard3777102 months
Prediction: Dana Holgerson is outed at West Virginia. Nick Saban feels an entitlement to his home state and wants to bring enthusiasm and energy to the Mountaineers. Nick Saban leaves Alabama and heads back up to Morgantown...

"Country roads...take me the place...where I belong...WEST VIRGINIA!"
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Old Money102 months
This shite again?
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atltiger6487102 months
it's not about the money. Saban already is ridiculously wealthy and the big money flow will continue at Bama. The only reason he would leave is if he's tired of Bama and want's to rebuild yet another big name team.
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TigerFanatic99102 months
I didn't know that "Strong was on his way out". You make it sound like he's announced his departure.
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Roses of Crimson102 months
I also see that the writer just happens to be a former Texas player. Not totally sure but if you asked a former Bama player he would tell you Saban is staying. Ya know..just sayin.
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jmarto1102 months
If Saban expresses interest they will push Strong out
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High C102 months
If you'd rather him stay at Alabama and beat LSU every year than go to Texas and recruit against LSU every year, you're delusional.
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Big Sway102 months
Miles to Texas is more like it! People need to realize this could be very possible.
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