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While discussing how the new NIL system is changing the college sports landscape on Tuesday's ESPN's First Take, JJ Redick said Nick Saban and Dabo Swinny have recently lashed out because it's all about "control." No shite...

"For decades, college football and high-level college basketball has not been an amateur sport," Redick said. "And so now, instead of coming up with an equitable solution for the top athletes at the top schools, the NCAA, conferences and schools basically kicked the can and opened up the Wild, Wild, West. And that's where we are right now.

"It’s why a number of coaches have retired. It’s why Dabo Swinney has spoken out so vehemently against NIL, and it’s why Nick Saban has a real problem here. It comes down to control."

Redick said they're "acting out" after losing "a little bit of control of the situation." He later added that there was likely a better method of handling player payment, but the NCAA was "unwilling to share the pot" from TV revenue and high coaching salaries.
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TouchdownTony24 months
Noooot exactly what JJ said vs what the title says.
user avatar
Koolazzkat24 months
I hope you’re right.
user avatar
gamecockman1224 months
JJ Redick is such a tool. His recent appearances on ESPN have only reinforced that belief.
user avatar
LSUtiger8924 months
I agree... but what does that have to do with what he said here, cause he's not wrong.
user avatar
LunkerDawg24 months
John Rocker 2024.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun24 months
Who cares what you think.
user avatar
vuvuzela24 months
What does ja rule think about NIL, where is Ja?
user avatar
Shaq4prez24 months
Finally, Redick speaks on the matter. We've been anxiously waiting
user avatar
DoubleDown24 months
I think Nick Saban was him playing Chess. It was a indirect call to the major Bama boosters that we/Bama needs more major donors for next year cause Saban won't be beat by Texas A&M ever again.
user avatar
rob6224 months
This is silly. Anyone who thinks Saban has to resort to these tactics to generate money is naive. Just like at LSU The Bama Boosters are not communicated with in the media in a pissing contest.
user avatar
Nix to Twillie24 months
Hey, Les Miles owns "losing control." The rant will tell you.
user avatar
Mike da Tigah24 months
I don’t blame them one bit. We’ve basically taken amateur athletics and turned it into semi pro football. This isn’t a positive thing for college football in my estimation. It’s not going to resemble what any of us know and love about the sport.
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Mid Iowa Tiger24 months
Let's not kid ourselves. High level CBB and CFB have been semi-pro for a long time. All the top programs pay student athletes in some form (outside of what is publically acknowledged). NIL is the one way the NCAA could go to make a bad situation (payments under the table) worse.
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RockyMtnTigerWDE24 months
This is beyond semi-pro football. This is a full blown free agency model. Canadian league and the new USFL wish they could make the money some of these kids are getting. You're right, goodbye CFB as we loved it. I am not against players making some money for the amount of sheer time they dedicate to the sports they play, but it didn't have to be this way and NIL wasn't designed to broker a contract to play for your school during recruiting.
user avatar
caliegeaux24 months Lawrence!
user avatar
Dcurry8024 months
Sabans just mad that now paying is legal and he isn’t getting all the guys he wants. Those chargers are going to rot on his car lot now.
user avatar
southsidedell24 months
God forbid a HC has control over his program. That being said this is the NCAAs fault. Now they have zero control and cant do shite about it.
user avatar
LSU_Smash_the_West24 months
Well it has to be embarrassing to know your brother was into kiddie porn. And Nick is upset because Jimbo can cheat better than him.
user avatar
TiptonInSC24 months
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