Alabama offensive lineman Elijah Pritchett was arrested for speeding Friday night. It was the second time in five months...
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Police said Pritchett changed lanes and sped off when officers approached his Dodge Charger on foot. They pursued and pulled him over by Bryant Denny Stadium's Walk of Champions.

"Officers could hear the vehicle accelerating quickly and the sound of tires squealing as the vehicle drove around on Frank Thomas," police said in the deposition.

This is Pritchett's second arrest in the last five months. In December, he was charged with a Class C misdemeanor for knowingly spreading a sexually transmitted disease. Court records are sealed because he was granted youthful offender status at age 19.
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user avatar
Menatiger19 days
Charger ??
X-mit STD ??
Human ?? ??
user avatar
Rouxdee20 days
This is the most Alabama thing I’ve read in a while.
user avatar
ALhunter22 days
It's a new day in t town...
user avatar
A fine young man and I bet a true patriot as well. Our country will be in great shape with these young men leading us into the future.
user avatar
theballguy19 days
Personally I would kick this guy off the team but ... "Our country will be in great shape with these young men leading us into the future." ... so no kid has ever done this before you grew up?
user avatar
Prominentwon18 days
For what? You’ve sped in your car before. I won’t speak on the STD, but this post is stupid
user avatar
tiger10923 days
He's fricked up, his frick is fricked up, and he still got a charger. That's fricked up!
user avatar
pecot23 days
A fine young man
user avatar
24chevrolet4823 days
Dude is a HABITUAL Loser!!
user avatar
Sevensblue23 days
Kicking him off the team will only make things worse. At this time he needs more support than ever...Nick SABAN is a saint
user avatar
cwil17723 days
I’m starting to think he’s not a good dude.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun23 days
user avatar
bengalman23 days
Roll Chargers!
user avatar
LSUvet7223 days
Spreading disease ...... speeding.... what's next ?
user avatar
TigersJump20 days
Another FreeMason handshake to get him off of his next big failure that would cripple the non handshake dudes.
user avatar
SomeLSUguy24 days
I believe there is some irony here...
user avatar
Tiger in Texas24 days
I wonder with Saban gone will this be the end of the Dodge Charger given to every player at signing? With NIL, they can buy anything they want now!
user avatar
LSUMaverick24 days
Color me shocked
user avatar
Thracken1324 days
Caleb will kick him off the team - future shoein for Georgia
user avatar
ncinthenext324 days
He's got issues coming and going.
user avatar
Schmelly24 days
White Frank Thomas or black Frank Thomas?
user avatar
cypresstiger24 days
Saban lost control of his players….wait.
user avatar
TommyDaTiger24 days
You’re killing your father Larry
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