Playoff Chairman Explains Why Ohio State Jumped Alabama In This Week's Rankings
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Tuesday’s top four looked like this...
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Chair of the College Football Playoff Committee, Gary Barta, discussed why Ohio State jumped Alabama...

“Two great teams,” Barta started. “Both Ohio State and Alabama, both of them have Heisman Trophy candidates at quarterback and this past week, though, the dominating win over Michigan State certainly got the committee’s attention. The offense of Ohio State—just total domination. And the defense playing much better. They’ve been playing better week after week…Alabama is still a great football team, has a wonderful win against Ole Miss. The last few weeks, just not showing as much domination on defense. Two great teams, but when the vote came down, Ohio State came ahead of Alabama.”
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TKLSUMD31 months
Alabama is just not that good this year. Their offensive line is terrible.
user avatar
TFH31 months
Arkansas gave em all they want and Arkansas isn’t all that good
user avatar
droliver31 months
Hard to argue and I haven't heard any Alabama fan relay complain or care about it. If Alabama beats Georgia they will go back to 1.
user avatar
Cheap Thrill31 months
Why does it need to be explained? If Alabama is butt hurt they can frick right off. "We're Alabama. We are supposed to get our way."
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Scotcho Libre31 months
The only thing the CFP committee should do is meet prior to the season to establish their values for ranking teams. Then they should step away and let the computer do its job, enforcing those values without bias.
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NorthPark31 months
The Committee is going to become more political than it is now because of the alliance between the PAC, BIG, and ACC. I realize they deny that but shortly after the SEC expanded they met and created an alliance and it had nothing to do with an expansion.
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easyas12331 months
Ohio State is always overrated by the media. Use to be USC and Notre Dame for years. I wish they would make them play 2 SEC teams on their schedule every year. If they finish in the top 8 they have to leave 2 slots open for a top 8 SEC school.
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bogeypro31 months
I'm tired of this committee. Just have the p5 conference winners and 3 at large... works for NFL and no stupid arse committee.
user avatar
9Fiddy31 months
They’re setting up final ranked to be UGA, tOSU, Cincy, ND after tOSU beats Michigan and UGA beats Bama. If Bama beats UGA, chaos ensues.
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BlackPawnMartyr31 months
Most Bama fans dont have a problem with Ohio State edging us out in this rebuilding year. Still amazing we are a top 6 team with some of the biggest holes we have had under Saban. When the Oline improves next year and the defense grows up we will contend more seriously for the title.
user avatar
NytroBud31 months
Rebuilding year?? First time I've seen of this excuse ever
user avatar
Hangit31 months
Let them fight.
user avatar
Mahootney31 months
Missed extra point and missed 4th down conversion away from having lost to LSU and Florida, the bottom of the barrel in the SEC this year. Bama does not deserve the benefit of the doubt.
user avatar
Bham4Tide31 months
You failed to mention a FG at end of regulation to get beat. So, they could be undefeated. Crazy how that works.
user avatar
ItNeverRains31 months
Ohio St looks better than Alabama. Not that hard
user avatar
BasedTide31 months
I have to agree with those rankings
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