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Following the Ole Miss' fall scrimmage on Saturday, head coach Lane Kiffin addressed his decision to have wide receivers coach Derrick Nix serve as the acting head coach for the game...

“There’s more Tony Dungys, there’s more Lovie Smiths, there’s more Mike Tomlins that never get the opportunity...” Kiffin said, via Sports Illustrated. "We’re in 2023, and between SEC and Big 12, we have no minority head coaches. …It is ridiculous, when we’re talking about two major conferences right here in this area, and when whatever it is, 80-percent of our players are minority but we have all white coaches. It’s really a system that needs to be fixed.”

“To give someone the opportunity to speak in front of the team, to handle media, to handle pregame meal, to handle injury reports, to get out there today to manage the kind of scrimmage… I think was really good for [Nix]...” Kiffin said.

"You can’t see how good somebody is until they get a chance to do it. That would be my wish out there to ADs and presidents and universities to understand that, and this is a good example.”
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tiger10910 months
Good idea Lane, give up your spot! Best person for the job, period. No matter color. That's why 80% of players are black. Why not give whites,Asians and Mexicans a chance.
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…and I thought he was going to say [female] cheerleaders. It would make more sense than the pandering nonsense he came up with. Sounds more like something a girlfriend would talk him into… What a dipshit!
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faraway10 months
nah you guys fail to see what happened. somebody threatened to destroy Lane and he knew they would. they forced him to make this stupid statement. same reason bud light and target bent the knee. connect the dots
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panzer10 months
Let him quit and give a minority a chance....
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OweO10 months
All of these comments make me laugh. Yall bring politics into it, etc as if it has anything to do with more than recruiting.
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Barbellthor10 months
Yea. If they're hired on merit.
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FreeState10 months
I don't have a problem with a minority coach if he's a good coach. Maybe Lane might give up his job in favor of a minority.
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Texas Weazel10 months
Ole Miss boosters aren't going to like this.
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Clark1410 months
I wonder how many black coaches want to be a head coach..
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Timeoday10 months
Lane trolling the libs for sure. ESPN will be calling Lane more often now. I wonder if they will demand him to hire more black assistants?
Meanwhile, I am working on making White History Month a global reality!!
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Tiger on the Rag10 months
Well resign Lane and refer a black coach for your position. 12.8% of the american population is made up of black americans. Why not a Latino? They make up just shy of 20% population. Sick of the racism narative
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CrimsonBuddha10 months
I think we need more White football players. White people are close to 60% of the population, and yet most football players in the SEC are black. The underrepresentation is insane.
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FLTech10 months
If there were any good black head coaches available then there would be good black head coaches in college football

Now if I remember correctly.. there is a new black head coach in Colorado and the majority of people on TD want him to fail miserably
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TigerFanatic9910 months
Lane should resign so a minority can take his place. Staying just makes him look hypocritical
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Drizzt10 months
Lane should resign and give Nix his contract. Problem solved.

Each of these schools just wants to win. The idea that they would intentionally lose by avoiding good black coaches is ridiculous. If there is a winning coach out there, he gets a chance if he wins enough.
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atltiger648710 months
ah, the race card. Again. Exhausting.
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GeauxLSUGeaux10 months
“80-percent of our players are minority but we have all white coaches. It’s really a system that needs to be fixed.”
It’s only the coaches that need to get fixed. Having all black players is cool even though they make up 10 percent of the population.
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Covingtontiger7710 months
Cool Lane. When are you resigning and going public with who you want to replace you? Put the pressure on Ole Miss and do something Lane!
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Hawgnsincebirth5510 months
Lane is a pos for this. Not just because of the bullshite he’s spewing but because he’s just doing it to pander to recruits.
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SwampyWaters10 months
Once again, Lane Kiffin not getting enough attention so he throws out the race card. What some people will do for attention!
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