Longtime NFL on FOX sideline reporter Erin Andrews spoke with the New York Post about motherhood and her clothing brand ahead of Mother's Day this weekend...

Mother’s Day with @alexa_nypost @michaelschwartzphoto @anahitaglitters @cnaselli @meredithbaraf @jillfritzopr @smacentertainment

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Hey, I’m 40 and trying to stay relevant.
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Liberator1 month
Erin Andrews and her beak are looking hawk-like. Always found her too full of herself.
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cbree881 month
She’s not that attractive anymore
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VooDude1 month
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Mid Iowa Tiger1 month
I tried to pick her up one night in the Rattlesnake bar at the Ritz in Dallas. I didn’t realize who she was and was drinking there with some friends and saw her. Went up with the drink she was drinking and enjoyed the drink with her. It was after she was married and I saw the ring as I was walking up. I told her I had the drink and plan before I saw the ring and so we just had a drink together. She was nice enough.
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Drizzt1 month
Not aging well
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Jyrdis1 month
That last pic looks like she is smelling her fart
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luciouslou1 month
That blue suit is ugly as sin.
Even she can't make that look good.
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diat1501 month
How you gonna lose “pants less “ and not show no booty meat??
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Ponchy Tiger1 month
Did have some work done? That doesn't even look like her.
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Godfather11 month
She’s becoming a tryhard.
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TheRouxGuru1 month
I’ll never ever understand fashion. wtf is she wearing in the last pic??
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Timeoday1 month
She loves attention almost as much as LuLu.
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ShlikStyck1 month
aging to much for this....and I thought she was all against exposing any part of her bare body. Guess only when it's suits the narrative
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Gifman1 month
She’s washed up and used
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Warwick1 month
rode hard and put away wet
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LSUvet721 month
For Mother's day you need to keep yo' pants on
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DeafVallyBatnR1 month
Well, pants off is why she is a Mother.
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Basura Blanco1 month
When I see/hear her name, the first thing that comes to mind is the creepy arse dude from the hotel video. Im sure I am not alone in thinking that, and that must really suck to have that be one of the defining moments in your public life.
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tirebiter1 month
Let's be real, her getting $30M or more from the hotel was a financial bonanza for her. We should all be so lucky.
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I have better at home and at the office
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Skinny1 month
Love 45 year old socal mom Andrews. Thats hott!
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