Looks like we know who Alabama students DON'T want to replace Nick Saban....
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deernaes2 months
Paging Bo Pelini...
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tigersaint742 months
Why, because he is an unashamed Christian and isn't afraid to make known his beliefs?
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Drizzt2 months
Dabo is an unashamed Christian. The liberal godless undergrads at Bama hate that. They are mostly from out of state now.
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denvertiger2 months
They held a vigil?? Jesus H that's a weird fricking group.
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LSUChicageaux2 months
Submit in reverence and produce fluids to rub onto its surfaces to retain its luster.

If we got enough chicken wire we could encircle this entire display and really make something beautiful.
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Jabontik2 months
Gumps gonna gump
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Randolphre2 months
Anyone, you say? Coach O, come on down!
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gamecockman122 months
Dabo at Bama needs to happen.
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TDsngumbo2 months
Fine, they can have Orgeron or Miles then.
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GumboDave2 months
Dabo has won 2 National championships as a coach, both against Saban. Anyone chanting against him is an idiot. They truly are the dumbest fanbase
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Bige112 months
He’s the logical choice honestly. Not sure I understand the hate. But don’t care just glad saban is gone.
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tucoco2 months
He's a natural fit! A Gump for a Gump!
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LSUvet722 months
A Dab a Dab a do.... A dab a Dab a don't... it's not going to matter the Tide is rolling out for a few years of sustained Low Tide. Halleleujah !
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TS19262 months
Will still beat LSU’s arse. Check the record before Saban.
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thermal92212 months
Poor next coach.
Stupid fricking gumption.
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CCTider2 months
I am so glad other Bama fans have become anti Dabo. I was genuinely concerned about it a few years ago.
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