Alabama posted this collection of Sports Illustrated covers with former and current Crimson Tide running backs graces them, declaring themselves "Running Back University"...

Running Back University. Alabama Crimson Tide running backs aren't strangers to covering Sports Illustrated. #RBU #RollTide

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Catman88102 months
In this case does U stand for used up? Nobody else comes close to driving their talent into the ground before they can turn pro. Miles would be hung out to dry if he rushed LF for 48 carries.
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DoubleDown102 months
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19102 months
It's "Holding U".
lol Gumps
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Mouche337102 months
I can believe Bama had the audacity to make this statement. The last time Bama had a successful running back in the NFL was Shaun Alexander. LSU punches out quality productive RBs every year. Hell we got more starters in the NFL and more players on NFL than any other school in the country. Majority of LSU guys are stars in the NFL. The only reason Bama has beat LSU these last few years is because of the coaching staff, which is far superior to LSU coaching staff. Saban only cares about winning titles, LSU produces winners at the next level. Joseph Addai (Ret.), Jeremy Hill (CIN), Alfred Blue (HOU), Devin Hester, Spencer Ware (KC), Kevin Fault, and those are just RBs. All these guys are/where. Major pieces of their team (Impact players). Bama got two starters at RB in the NFL, and both of them are only starters for lack of other options. Hell, most NFL scouts have graded Bama current RB a fourth round talent. Fournette is already being projected to be a possible #1 pick. Bama fans need to take of the crimson goggles for a minute and take an unbiased look. I don't have LSU goggles on. I give credit where credit is due ( see coaching comparison in earlier statement) and everything I have stated is facts not opinion. You can look it up. Bama has never been RBU. They never been a heavy producer of an position. They have a championship caliber "System". LSU has a better roster "By far". The system that is place in Baton Rouge handicaps the team. Bottom line, call yourselves whatever you want, it a free country. You say it enough, you might actually start to believe it (No guarantees though).
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More like Offensive Line U. None of those guys are doing anything in the pros.
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bamabenny102 months
the jealousy in these comments is impressive
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Gary Busey102 months
Came here just for the comments
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Rabern57102 months
You can't beg everyone to look at you then claim they are obsessed because they stop and make fun. Bama fans should blame the school for saying something so dumb.
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BlackPawnMartyr102 months
L-5-U declares itself, "Obsessed with everything Bama U". Congrats corndeauxgs!
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Wulfgar102 months
More like; Makes LSU Fans Cry Like Whiny Bitches Because Their Team Hasn't Won a Game VS Alabama Since 2011 U
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Restomod102 months
More like Bust U
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AuburnTigers102 months
How many of Alabama RB led the SEC in rushing?
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LSUAlum2001102 months
Calling yourselves RBU would imply that the RBs have excelled in the NFL after leaving Alabama.

Who has?

Ingram: Servicable
Richardson: Out of the league
Lacy: Started out well, but has dropped off a cliff in Year 3.
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jmercado102 months
Really??? What about, Alfred Blue (Texxans), Kevin Faulk (Ret. Patriots), Collins (Miami), Kevin Hester (Ret. Chargers), Jeremy Hill (Bengals), Joseph Addai (Former Colts), Stevan Ridley (Jets), etc. Most common denominator, LSUUUU!!!!!!
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Mr. Hangover102 months
I see holding on three of those covers
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lsubuddy102 months
Not a legit claim Bama. Lacy is the only one that's done a lil bit and he's been a little troublesome for Green Bay.
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Fireman17102 months
RB bust U?
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kjanchild102 months
They can put them in there...but they don't last!!!!!!!!!!!!
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CunningLinguist102 months
Lacy is far from a bust. He's had a down year
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