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There has been a lot of discussion over the last two weeks as to how the SEC Football schedule could change in the future with the addition of Oklahoma and Texas joining the conference.

Speaking with the Houston Chronicle this week, Texas A&M AD Ross Bjork made it clear they are in favor of The nine-game model, with Texas being one of their three annual opponents. Per On3:

“If we’re going to expand, then let’s embrace the highest level of competition,” said Ross Bjork. “And that means let’s make sure the primary rivalries are protected. … In an eight-game (SEC) model, Texas wants to keep Oklahoma and Oklahoma wants to keep Texas,” Bjork said of the longstanding Red River Rivalry. “So if you have only one ‘permanent’ rival, that leaves us with LSU. We’re fine with LSU, but we want to play Texas (as well) and we want a third permanent rival. That gets you to the nine-game model.”

The eight-game model would only reserve one yearly rival per team, leaving Texas and Texas A&M in the group of 14 other schools which alternate in groups of seven every other year on the schedule. The nine-game model, which has also been widely discussed, would provide three annual opponents with two rotating groups of six.

“Auburn will (always) play Alabama; Georgia is going to play Florida,” Bjork said. “The nine-game model gives you Texas A&M versus Texas.”
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TouchdownTony23 months
U will play who the sec tells u to. Haven’t built up enough points to dictate anything yet.
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Just cause you say it's a "rival" doesn't make it so Tam. Texas is right, you're the biggest cry babies in college sports.
user avatar
CoyoteSong23 months
A&M wants LSU and LSU could care less about playing Texas A&M. That’s typical.
user avatar
NorthshoreTiger7623 months
Couldn’t care less
user avatar
Slackaveli23 months
PLEASE make it 9
user avatar
BestBanker23 months
They've played LSU around 60 games(?) and they call them rivals? Created for your viewing pleasure...
user avatar
TigerOnTheMountain23 months
No one care what you want, Aggy. There’s a reason the SEC didn’t even bother to tell you Texas and Oklahoma were coming LOL
user avatar
geauxbrown23 months
Application denied…
user avatar
Partha23 months
Aggy will just forfeit any way.
user avatar
TouchdownTony23 months
Its gonna be the 9 games but with only 2 perms. I'm glad to see Bjork is wanting the Texas game back. That has always been big for both sides. You're also not gonna see UGA-AUB and Bama-UT go away. Not gonna happen.
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Jax-Tiger23 months
Can't be only 2 perms. Either it's nine games with 3 PERMS or 8 games with 1 PERM.

That's how the math works with 16 teams. LSU plays 3 of the other 15 teams, leaving 12 teams as a rotating group. That means they play 6 of those teams every other year.

If they do two PERMs, then they have 13 teams that are rotating. You could play 6 one year and then 7 the following, but then you would have teams playing a different number of games every year.

It needs to be one or three permanent opponents.
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turnpiketiger23 months
9 games!! Make it happen!!
user avatar
Snout Spout23 months
Don't have any annuals. Rotate them all.
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Sooner a Reb23 months
This is just not going to work, there is no way OU-Texas, Alabama-Auburn, Florida-Georgia, Ole Miss-Miss State etc are not going to be permanent.
user avatar
atltiger648723 months
moronic. One of the best things about college football are the decades-old rivalries. They should be kept.
user avatar
tigerterrace23 months
Play an OOC game each year it is not on the schedule
user avatar
CDawson23 months
Texas does not want to play annually against aTm.
user avatar
dstone1223 months
Texas needs ou, Arky, aggy. Auburn needs Alabama and Uga Missouri needs Kansas and Illinois. Lol
user avatar
FluffyBunnyFeet23 months
If we only get one permanent rival, it should be OU. LSU/aggy will make for a fine rivalry.
user avatar
jbird723 months
I agree with the 9 game model. The pods would get rid of a lot of regular season matchups that have been around for decades. I’d hate to see LSU to stop playing auburn bama and UF every years. Those are the 3 biggest games of the season.
user avatar
Remiden23 months
The pods would allow you to play every team twice every 3 years. I would be glad to exchange a game with lsu once every three years to play uga, ut, usc, fla, etc.
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southernboisb23 months
Pods work IF you set them up properly. You DON'T lose games if you also keep rivals in the other pods. So, just because Pod A isn't playing Pods C & D this year DOESN'T MEAN Team A1 CAN'T play C1 & D1.
user avatar
RightWingTiger23 months
Pretty sure the PODS option has been eliminated at this point. At least that’s what all of the “Football” insiders at SECN & ESPN are saying.
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