Over the weekend, a tweet showing side-by-side headshots of comedian Shane Gillis and actress Sydney Sweeney went viral that labeled them an "SEC Couple"...(FYI, they're not dating)...
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Salviati15 days
That's a pretty funny X name: "squeaky fromme the block"
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Okay. Cool.
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ALhunter16 days
For those who don't get the joke - out of shape southern frat guys pull smokes. This is a uniquely southern phenomenon, partly due to so many good looking women in the SE. I went to school in the NE and when I visited a SE college it was striking.

Awful pic of her - but "would" and I'm sure you would as well.
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CanebreakCajun15 days
Thats because there a few good looking women in the northeast.
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jonnyanony15 days
She needs about 40+ extra lbs to be a typical SE girl.
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Hoodie16 days
Is the joke that they look like cousins?
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caliegeaux16 days
her tits are so amazing its makes that face doable.
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Lieutenant Dan16 days
Tits - 10
arse - 7
Face - 6
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Tasseo16 days
Her body is banging but her face is just not attractive. Needs to avoid closeups like that without her boobs in the view to draw the main attention
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Hoops16 days
It really just proves how momentum and a push from exposure matters. It’s a meme on this site but genuinely tons of women walking around major colleges that are as pretty or more than her.
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Shiftyplus116 days
His actual girlfriend is a near 10, so this joke is more lame than it already was.
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Willie Stroker16 days
Shane doing work behind the scenes.
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Jack Daniel16 days
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fr33manator16 days
I don't get it.

What's the joke Larry?
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Keys Open Doors16 days
That nowhere in the world do ugly dudes do as well with hot chicks as they do at SEC schools, especially if in a fraternity.
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