ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum thinks after Texas A&M falling to 5-4 on the season on Saturday, head coach Jimbo Fisher might be done...

“Lane Kiffin seems very happy where he is,” Finebaum said on The Matt Barrie Show. “Does he want to deal with all that? I mean, he’s already coached for the Raiders where you have an ego maniacal owner. He’s coached at Southern Cal, which is as tough as it gets … There may be something out there for Lincoln, but it’s not there.”

“The only name you people keep throwing up is Mike Elko but like, I mean, that would be a really big risk,” Finebaum said.

“I don’t care how good a coach he is. But to put him in that environment with Texas coming into the SEC, I mean, they have a serious problem at A&M. I’m stating the obvious here. I’ll try not to do that. They’ve got to figure this out. “And they really, (Jimbo) has no more real estate to change anyone’s mind. I mean, the only game left on the schedule that matters is at LSU on the final weekend, and beating a three-loss LSU team is not going to change anyone’s mind.”
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cctiger607 months
just think about all the idiot that wanted Jimmie bo in BTR
user avatar
MSUDawg987 months
Start the Fisher to Starkville rumors. There's no chance in hell Arnett keeps his job. They were smart with the contract and the buyout after offsets will be under 7 figures...pocket change.
user avatar
MSU447 months
frick that
user avatar
blueboy7 months
Why are we endlessly forced to endure this ugly lizard frick? PAWL brings absolutely nothing to the table.
user avatar
POTUS20247 months
Jimbo is getting a gazillion dollars, guaranteed. This was one of the dumbest contracts ever for a school.
user avatar
CrystalPreserves7 months
BK got one just like Jimbo.
user avatar
Tchefuncte Tiger7 months
Going on on a dangerous limb there, Pawl!
user avatar
ctiger697 months
Should have just kept Sumlin.
user avatar
Play_Neck7 months
Despite him being a drunk, I think the kids liked playing for Sumlin more.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun7 months
If they fire him, CBK needs to get DJ Durkin on the phone 3 seconds later.
user avatar
I think Flordia's coach sealed his fate last weekend
user avatar
Smokeys Howl7 months
nah, they can't get rid of Billy yet.

user avatar
GaryGator7 months
He ain't going anywhere, before the end of next season, if that.
user avatar
Black n Gold7 months
Can we discuss how easy Paul's job is. He gets paid to make the same obvious prediction about coaching changes that TD posters do.
user avatar
Kajuncook7 months
If you wanna play with the big dogs, you will get bitten.
user avatar
SOL27 months
It's a done deal, so is Aranda
user avatar
double d7 months
Aranda's buyout is too costly, he'll get one more year sadly.
user avatar
sportjunkie697 months
LSU should pay Arandas buyout. Need him back in P&G ASAP.
user avatar
TDTOM7 months
I wish that was Brian Kelly's dream job.
user avatar
cypresstiger7 months
Sumlin had Heisman winner Johnny Football
user avatar
bostitch7 months
And Jimbo has one of the highest, if not the highest, paid rosters in football
user avatar
AllenTXTiger7 months
Why is this a Sumlin / Fisher only comparison all the time? I'm trying not to read between the lines... but some of you are so obvious with your undertones.

There were other predecessors to Jimbo Fisher, like Mike Sherman, Dennis Franchione, R. C. Slocum, and Jackie Sherrill, etc.
user avatar
deltaland7 months
Sumlin was fired and replace by jimbo is why the comparison is used
user avatar
Sevensblue7 months
Wonder why jimbo could never find a QB for aTm
user avatar
FLTech7 months
Ummmmmmm he had one but he now plays for Georgia Tech
user avatar
TommyDaTiger7 months
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