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re: Are you DONE?
A lot of fair weather fans in this thread.

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re: Are you DONE?
Nutt left him a really good freshman class and literally nothing else.

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re: Are you DONE?
That was a pretty good class. Yooooooooungblooooooood! That guy was awesome at LSU and at least a couple of other games.

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re: Are you DONE?
Offensively, this is our most talented team between Brown, Metcalf, Lodge, Knox, Phillips, Ta’amu, Little etc.

Three first rounders and three others that will go top 3 rounds.

Six players potentially in the top three rounds is something Bama can hardly boast of and we win 5 games.

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re: Are you DONE?

Extremely underrated Reb. That dude played his arse off every play. He developed very nicely and gave LSU issues every time we played them

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re: Are you DONE?
Yes we are/were extremely talented on offense but saying they’re more talented than our previous group is vastly underselling what our offensive talent looked like under Freeze. Bo as much as I disliked him was similar to Ta’amu albeit far less interception prone. Our WRs are a wash as are our tackles. How longo and Luke underachieved with the group you listed is more egregious in my eyes because we were relying so heavily on them to score and they couldn’t.

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re: Are you DONE?

Extremely underrated Reb.

Loved the shite out of Ole Miss too FTR.

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re: Are you DONE?
I will always support the Rebs, but the AD won’t get a dime of my money until Luke is gone.

Exceptions: I will attend a few beisbol games next spring but I normally get free tickets anyways and never buy concessions. I will perhaps attend one football game next year, but I’ll be sure to scalp the ticket so the AD gets jack shite.

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re: Are you DONE?
Ross Bjork has run our university into the ditch.

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