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On Wednesday, USA Today released the 63 ballots that comprised their coaches poll, one of which was Nick Saban's. Here's how the Alabama head coach sees the Top 25...

1. Georgia
2. Alabama
3. TCU
4. Michigan
5. Ohio State
6. Tennessee
7. Penn State
8 Washington
9. Utah
10. Tulane
11. Florida State
12. Kansas State
13. USC
14. Clemson
15. Oregon State
16. Oregon
17. LSU
19. Notre Dame
20. Mississippi State
21. Minnesota
22. Troy
23. Texas
24. South Carolina
25. Maryland
(The Spun)
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user avatar
JackieTreehorn15 months
Nick knows how to anger the lesser than programs fans.
user avatar
1915 months
How embarrassing.
user avatar
SmelvinRat15 months
I mean, why didn't he go ahead and put his team at #1?
user avatar
Westbank11115 months
Little man out lsu at 17
And himself at 2

I respect him, but sometimes he’s such a little biatch!
user avatar
sostan15 months
Pretty much a scratch ranking except for moving Bama to #2.

If he had Ohio state 2, Bama 3, I couldn't argue against it.
user avatar
tygerphan15 months
Well Nick Saban has early stage dementia so this is understandable.
user avatar
SuperOcean15 months
I imagine Nick's sitting at home.. Sipping on something and he has that same smile that he had after the onside against Clemson, necause He knows he's got y'all's panties in a wad over a meaningless ranking
user avatar
Tiger198815 months
user avatar
eugene1928LSU15 months
LSU and Tennessee should be ahead of the gumps.
user avatar
LCL0815 months
LSU has 4 losses, there is zero debate. Tennessee is debatable but to lose to the Gamecocks by 4 TDs is the reason they are 6 and not 5. OSU was kept out of the playoffs twice by losing big to bad teams, it was the determining factor. If they had just been competitive it would have been the difference in either case.
user avatar
Tiger on the Rag15 months
Senility has set in i see
user avatar
Mr Happy15 months
I think Nick retired last year but didn't realize it.
user avatar
Damathe15 months
Ain't it bad enough that the woke network can't even have a championship game without him front and center?
user avatar
xGeauxLSUx15 months
TCU at 3? LOL he's trolling.
user avatar
BurrowToChase15 months
Only a pompous arrogant jackass has bama at 2
user avatar
Sterling Archer15 months
Yes, Bama is higher ranked than the teams they lost to. Makes sense
user avatar
Crimson1st15 months
Don’t pick up 4 losses to some crappy teams while only beating the other team in question by 1 in OT at home and don’t get blown out by a marginal team and beat same team in question on a last second fg at home.

There are more considerations that matter other than the head to head game. If that’s all that matters aTm and USCe are better than LSU and Tennessee and should be ranked higher. We could do this all day.
user avatar
ImBatman15 months
Crimson1st. We beat that Alabama azz whether it was by 1 in OT or 50 in regulation. We beat that Alabama azz!
user avatar
Drayton8015 months
Should LSU be ranked behind A&M? Alabama was a better team than LSU for the season as a whole.
user avatar
DoubleDown15 months
Who really cares? If nick even put Bama at #1, it doesn't matter.
user avatar
TouchdownTony15 months
Meh, if ONLY 3 coaches didn’t have Tennessee in their final top 5 then they would have been in the top 5. I imagine there were upwards of probably 70 coaches that didn’t have them in the top 5. Nobody probably cares about those others though.
user avatar
Ssubba15 months
Put aside Bama being at it a travesty that Tennessee isn't in the top 5?
user avatar
LCL0815 months
No, USC beat them by 4 TDs. It is NOT a travesty!
user avatar
WhoDatNC15 months
Of course he did....
user avatar
meltbich15 months
Alzheimer's setting in.
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