You can take Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nate Oats off the list for the Kentucky men's basketball job. Oats took to social media on Monday night to announce that he will be staying at Alabama...
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Giantkiller1 month
Did he get anymore money out of them?
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SwampyWaters1 month
All that is coach talk! At no point did he say I will be the head coach at Alabama next season. He talks about being committed and continue building the program, but that means absolutely nothing. Coaches are like players, they're always looking for the best deal and when players/coaches use the word commitment, they are really saying "at this moment I'm committed!" I guarantee his agent is in contact with Kentucky because that's a once in a lifetime opportunity that he will never have again!
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RiverCityTider1 month
Re-read the last line.
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bengalman1 month
Definitely TD newsworthy....
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TD4221 month
Hmmm...I wonder how Bama got Saban? Anyone? Anyone? Jump on in if you know the answer...
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TouchdownTony1 month
How Bama got Saban? Mal Moores efforts and Saban wanting to get out of Miami. Nate Oats may leave Bama one day but it won’t be this year.
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Toroballistic1 month
I know. Saban wouldn't commit to the Bama job until after the NFL season was over. Not what you wanted to hear, but the truth.
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Nix to Twillie1 month
Everyone keeps harping on the ONE TIME Saban did this. Every other time he said he was staying, he stayed. Oats isn't going to Kentucky just because Saban had one moment of dishonesty.
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DoubleDown1 month
Doesn't mean much, he could always bolt. However, I never would've thought I'd say this BUT here goes:
Currently, the Alabama BB HC Job > Kentucky BB HC Job.
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LSUFanMizeWay1 month
Didn't Eric Musselman say the same thing before he took the USC job?
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Contra1 month
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