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Following Monday's first spring practice, new Alabama head coach Kalen DeBoer told reporters that he's maintained Nick Saban's fourth quarter conditioning plan. The training regimen is aimed at ensuring players maintain stamina late in games...

"We kept it pretty consistent with what it's been," DeBoer said. "The guys, you can tell it's something that they really feel strong about."
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Tigerstark2 months
Do we Ned to know about every little thing this guy does? Did he have his 7am bowel movement? Does he eat little Debbie’s like nick?
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192 months
Paying refs?
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TerryDawg032 months
Not the forward pass?
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LSU FSU Grad2 months
"Keeping major Saban tradition alive." I was sure it was going to be Chargers!
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tygerphan2 months
Was expecting to see steroids or at least deer antler spray.

I'm glad Nick Saban invented fourth quarter conditioning.
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tigerterrace2 months
Didnt plan on that 5th quarter
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Shooter2 months
Ole' boy has opossum look! I don't see it ending well for him!
user avatar
brewdrees2 months
Winning National Championships won't be 1 of em!!
user avatar
BobABooey2 months
Major Nick Saban reporting for duty!
user avatar
BigPerm302 months
Is Kalen the new Gracie?
user avatar
Well I'm disappointed now. I was hoping it was going to be the "Running of the Gumps."
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TouchdownTony2 months
The 4th quarter program is not a Saban thing. It's a Bama thing brought in by Bear Bryant. It has been used by every coach since.
It relies heavily on drills that wrestlers would use for conditioning. Talked to Murry Legg once and he said the 4th quarter program was straight out of hell.
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Hangit2 months
He doesn't skip Legg day.
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UncleLester2 months
I wonder if he will also keep “Two Minute Drills” and “Goal Line” as a part of practice too - keeping the other traditions unique to Nick Saban.
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DoubleDown2 months
Hope "winning multiple championships" also remains as one.
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