He's retired as Alabama's head coach, Nick Saban is still helping the team. On Thursday, t was reported that he'll earn $500,000 as an advisor for the Crimson Tide...
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Alabama AD Greg Byrne talked about Saban's new role back in January...

“He is going to be an advisor for us," Byrne said, via Tuscaloosa News "He’s been awesome. He and I talked during the coaching search. I mean, somebody asked me, 'Was he involved?' I was like, ‘Man, I’m not very smart.' Many people know that, but I’m smart enough to know when you have a chance to have Nick Saban involved with talking about coaching and football and decision-making and leadership, shame on me if I don’t take advantage of that."
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surgicalvenom15 days
I feel bad for the black guy who had that sweet $200k gig following Saban with the Gatorade cup. Is he still employed?
user avatar
ShuckJordan15 days
That would be Cedric Burns, he has been employed with Alabama for 36 years. He’s the only guy connected to Alabama football who can’t be fired.
user avatar
GeauxtigersMs3614 days
Damn. Talk about job security.
user avatar
lsusteve115 days
Too many chiefs not enough indians
user avatar
tigerpawl15 days
This is nothing more than a recruiting tool. Let's be honest. "I'm still here. Come on over".
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CDawson15 days
No sir, this is a fund raising tool. Saban brings in more money to Bama than anyone on that campus.
user avatar
Furious15 days
I like that the new coach will be unable to get out of Saban’s shadow literally. This will not go well for them and I will enjoy it thoroughly.
user avatar
Strannix15 days
Bama already in panic mode
user avatar
Easye92115 days
Panic Mode? The first six months of DeBoer couldnt have gone any better. Dude is straight up killing it on the recruiting trail. Just picked up a 5 star today and have a couple more that could commit any day. If that's panic Mode, I'll take that all day.
user avatar
Undertow13 days
Oooh a 5 star. They’re mainly loading up on 3 stars ??
user avatar
TouchdownTony11 days
Saban signed 11 3 stars in a class once at Bama. Screw the stars. Can they play. Thats the question. People have this opinion that Saban ONLY signed 5 stars. Saban might have had 3 or 4 on average of in any of his classes. What is considered his best class in 2008 had 3 5 stars. Just look at other classes as well. 2010 class had ONE. 2015 had 3.
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Crimson K15 days
That extra 4 cents is funny as hell to me for some reason.
user avatar
theballguy15 days
That's a bargain any day for some of Saban's advice on running an athletic department.
user avatar
LSU FSU Grad15 days
You never even think of proofreading do you you? It's embarrassing that a website gives you posting capabilities.
user avatar
biglego14 days
Was the $.04 a typo?
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