Texas A&M isn't having the season everyone expected, especially Aggies fans. Instead, he's compiled the same record as former A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin, who was fired after a similar lack of success. ESPN's Paul Finebaum was asked if Fisher is on the hot seat following his poor start...

"Perceptively, it’s very hot, and think about a couple things — this is his fifth year and in the offseason, his bosses gave him a new contract and a raise and the buyout, should he be fired, is $90 million," Finebaum said this week.

"Jimbo Fisher is his own boss," Finebaum continued. He doesn’t report to anybody. He does whatever he wants. So if they should fire him, that’s a $90 million payday. Now, what has he done? At Texas A&M, on the field he really hasn’t done anything. He had one good year. He won 10 games and was fourth in the country during the Covid year and lost to Alabama by 28. He’ll have three losses after Saturday night...and his predecessor was fired with a better record than Kevin Sumlin has now.”
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user avatar
Play_Neck20 months
Guys. We almost hired this dude. Thank God that didn't work out.
user avatar
TouchdownTony20 months
"Jimbo Fisher is his own boss," Finebaum continued. He doesn’t report to anybody. He does whatever he wants.

Damn Paul, at least act like you know what you're talking about.
user avatar
cajunmud20 months
$90M buyout?! Holy hell, what an agent he has!
user avatar
jamboots0820 months
After this year, about half of that recruiting class will transfer. They will continue to be 8-4 in a good year.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn20 months
But I thought they passed Alabama Pawl? You don't know anything you bald bitch.
user avatar
Jacherse20 months
Paul still has credibility? With whom?
user avatar
CopiahTiger20 months
Don't fire him. Who would we make fun of then?
user avatar
Solo Cam20 months
Jimbo got there like 5 years ago. They haven't won a national title in like 90 years. Don't worry, we'll always be able to make fun of them.
user avatar
BlackPot20 months
Anyone remember when they wanted him to come here before O, and some even saying his name before Kelly? I remember.
user avatar
OweO20 months
As a LSU fan, I want to go on record as saying I never wanted Jimbo Fisher.
user avatar
PureBlood20 months
Finebaum's ears give him the innate ability to hear things before they happen
user avatar
AtlantaLSUfan20 months
Takes a lot to turn around a perineal loser. He has made many strides, I hope they fire him before he completes the job.
user avatar
geauxgrrl20 months
Let's see, perhaps, your use of perineal instead of perennial was on purpose to add a bit of humor or you just called Jimbo a "space between the anus and the scrotum" loser. Either way, it kinda fits. :-)
user avatar
Texastiger4320 months
he wont be fired for at least two more years, after this #1 class fails as juniors
user avatar
Serraneaux20 months
Oil money!
user avatar
KennabraTiger20 months
tHe MoSt CoMpLeTe PrOgRaM iN tHe CoUnTrY
user avatar
lsujunky20 months
Never understood the want for this man to be the coach of your team.
user avatar
burke98520 months
He’s got 99 problems and retirement ain’t one
user avatar
Strannix20 months
Jumbo doesn't GAF
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