On Tuesday, USA TODAY attempted to rank how the SEC will shake out this upcoming season...
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Clark1414 months
Where’s the beef?
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NPComb14 months
10-4? I would be ecstatic!
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soccerfüt14 months
Larry, All I see are ads, no article.

This is probably some of your better journalistic work, upon further review.
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JackieTreehorn14 months
Putting Tennessee over lsu is laughable. Rest of the list I can agree with.
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jscrims14 months
They crushed us last year at home….
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GeauxLSUGeaux14 months
@jscrims you do realize that this is a list about this year and not last year, right? And they lose a shite ton of talent while we return most of our starters.
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Datbayoubengal14 months
@jscrims, that was last year's team though. They lost a lot, while LSU didn't. I don't understand it.
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wesman2114 months
UGA's schedule is laughable. Can't wait till we go to two divisions and they get Bama every year.
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TrueLefty14 months
LSU with Kelly will be similar to what he did at Notre Dame. So there is something that will hold LSU back as long as he is the HC at LSU. This is my opinion. I just have that feeling about Kelly not being able to win the big games and/or loses games when he shouldn't. Last year against Texas A&M while is a perfect example.
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brett40814 months
Kelly beat Bama. That was a big game. Lack of depth hurt LSU against A&M.
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HughsWorkPhone14 months
“ LSU with Kelly will be similar to what he did at Notre Dame”

If I didn’t just watch Les Miles and Ed Orgeron win NCs at LSU maybe I could see a coach just being who he is.
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JoeKinesKhakis14 months
Groundbreaking journalism right here.
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jeff7012114 months
Don't see nuthin.
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WhiteMandingo14 months
Georgia plays one good team all regular season.
That is a big 12 north schedule
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Bayoubred14 months
Good grief. Can you put in any less work?
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skrayper14 months
Talk about your Charmin soft schedules
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mikethetigerdc14 months
Looks loke they really went out on a limb.
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