Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley Rips SEC's Plan to Rush Student Athletes Back to Campus
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Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley didn't hold back on Thursday when he shared his thoughts on the SEC's plans to rush student-athletes back to campus in a few weeks...
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In my opinion, we need to bring them in as late as we possibly can before we play a season. Every day early that we bring them in is a day we could have gotten better. It's a day we could've learned more about the virus. It's a day PPE maybe gets better. It's a day closer to a vaccine. It's a day that our testing equipment and testing capabilities get better, and it's just not worth it. So, we've gotta be patient. We get one shot at this, and we've gotta do it right.
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user avatar
LSUsince7450 months
He fears playing another SEC foe in the playoff
user avatar
Morris150 months
Me thinks Lincoln’s arse is a little red from 5 months ago.
user avatar
JakeFromStateFarm50 months
That’s because SEC team kick the shite out of OU in the playoffs every year
user avatar
js159150 months
I think his team should stay quarantined indefinitely, even if no one else does, because the way they got their butts whipped by LSU in the CFP was siiiick!!!
user avatar
SLAP9950 months
I mean it took the OU student body the whole spring semester just to finish counting Joe Burrow's touchdowns again them. They need a break.
user avatar
iknowmorethanyou50 months
Big XII still waiting on their defenses to arrive on campus.
user avatar
TigerOnTheMountain50 months
Limiting players at schools like LSU and Alabama is the only way this clown coaching at that clown school stands any chance of ever winning anything. He should be thankful they haven’t just decided to include four SEC teams in the playoffs and be done with it.
user avatar
Ba Ba Boooey50 months
He got skullfricked on national tv. His pride is still hurting is all. ??
user avatar
redfish9950 months
We shoulda went for two in first half ......... I was screaming for us to do it.
user avatar
ApexTiger50 months
hey Riley, if you're not comfortable bringing your players in, then don't... but don't make the rest of us give up our god given rights because you "don't know' if it's safe yet the vaccine isn't going to be taken by a majority of people
user avatar
RBTiger50 months
If Burrow stays in the entire game LSU it's easily 77 -28
user avatar
biglego50 months
Easily 77. Maybe score in the 80s if LSU had really tried.
user avatar
CDawson50 months
Sounds like the leader of Choklahoma has bought in to the entire China Virus hoax. Not surprised.
user avatar
honeybadger0750 months
Charmin soft
user avatar
Water Mocassin50 months
Riley still wets the bed.
user avatar
tketaco50 months
That's why no one will remember your name.
user avatar
Drizzt50 months
See Riley is already making excuses for losing
user avatar
Tshiz50 months
Typical OU pussy
user avatar
Le Tenia50 months
That mindset is exactly why you get smashed. Don't hate us cause you ain't us!
user avatar
LSU in 2003. Florida in 2008. Georgia in 2017. Alabama in 2018. LSU in 2019. That's five times this century that Oklahoma's national title hopes have ended due to a loss to an SEC team. I feel your pain, Lincoln....:)
user avatar
ncinthenext350 months
Team as soft as the coach.
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