Check out this Auburn fan's backyard-version of the Tigers’ field he made for his 6-year-old’s birthday party. I appreciate the effort, but...
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i always wondered what it would be like to win a game at Jordan-Hare and rustle them jimmies...whose home is this? and what's his address?...this 25 year old man is going to challenge a 6 year old to a tackle football game lol.
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genuineLSUtiger118 months
Sucks. Size, color are all way off. Wasted effort.
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Gump4heisman119 months
What a douche. Larry needs to see a counselor about his childhood anger.
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Kentucker119 months
Cool dad. Awful reporter.
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NorthGwinnettTiger119 months
Still bigger than UGA's.
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Pavoloco83119 months
Field sucks. It does not have the track of the kick six on it.
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Spankum119 months
how the hell can you not like that...any kid would find that to be awesome!
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RECConspiracy120 months
I'm a Bama fan and even I admit that's pretty cool.
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Catman88120 months
" I appreciate the effort, but... "

Larry Leo is the kid that had his dad give him a used BMW when he was in HS. "I appreciate the effort Dad, but..."
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DoubleDown120 months
Can't knock a dad for going out of his way to do something nice for his kids. I do wanna know if the party ended with a 6 year old bustin' his face or head on that concrete in the closest endzone?!
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P bean120 months
This is a great job by an awesome Dad...! Anyone on here who dislikes is just full of it, and either:
A. Doesnt care and just poking fun;
B. Is a bad dad and jealous; or
C. Had a bad dad and is jealous
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Iona Fan Man120 months
Most fathers don't even bother sending a card or making a phone call. Bravo, keep it up. WarFather
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spslayto120 months
Nice job for his 6 year old son. Some people here are just too judgmental.
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CaptainPanic120 months
That doesn't look regulation size. I would be pissed
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corneredbeast120 months
What were you expecting, a Long Island Bar Mitzvah?
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SECdragonmaster120 months
looks about like the same quality as that black and blue florida gators helmet.
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Signal Soldier120 months
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LesMiles BFF120 months
Auburn's practice field is looking a little shoddy.
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