Every helmet for Saturday's Senior Bowl has a special helmet decal in honor of Jimmy Buffett...
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The famous singer and songwriter was raised in Mobile, Alabama, which is the site of the Senior Bowl.

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UnclePat7630 days
Everybody’s got a cousin in Gulf Shores.
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LafourcheTiger30 days
There Mobile goes again……like Mardi Gras….claiming shite they don’t really own. And spare us the “Mardi Gras started in Mobile” stupidity. frick Mobile
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Bravo Crimson30 days
It originated in Mobile. Damn, you're a dumb as Larry
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JackieTreehorn29 days
At least Mobile doesn’t have weekly boil water alerts. Lol
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Lithium1 month
Jimmy Buffett grew up in Mobile and considered it his hometown. Just like me
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Shamoan30 days
Buffett is a Mississippian. frick off.
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Lithium30 days
You're an idiot. My Brother in law was in the McGill Band with him back in the day
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Thracken1330 days
my dad went to the same church as him, and school as well - so frick off Shamoron
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duckblind561 month
Buffett was born on December 25, 1946, in Pascagoula, Mississippi,[22] and spent part of his childhood in Mobile and Fairhope, Alabama.

Bama trying to claim everything, false nattys, Mardi Gras and now Jimmy B.
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imjustafatkid30 days
He spent a large amount of time in Alabama and even built his sister a restaurant in Gulf Shores. He would randomly show up there and put on impromptu concerts.
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JackieTreehorn1 month
AIDS Burger in Paradise. AIDS burger and it ain’t nice.
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scrooster30 days
Buffet had the gay cancer? I did not know that. Dayum.
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Willing to bet that 95% of those players don’t have a clue in hell who Jimmy Buffett is
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BobABooey1 month
Is that in addition to the “Birthplace of Mardi Gras” sticker or in place of it?
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spudz1 month
I think it’s in lieu of “The First Capital of French Louisiana” sticker
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CallmeSteveo1 month
Cheeseburgers in hell.
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