On Sunday, video surfaced of a kid talking not the most respectful trash to NFL QB Cam Newton at a high school 7v7 football camp. On Sunday night, Perkiomen Valley HS's Jseth Owens apologized for the incident...

Cam also posted about the confrontation on Instagram...

What you didn’t see!! I see there a lot of things festering out there that I see have took place over the weekend… To the natural eye you see me asking the young man ‘Where is your dad at?’ But to me, talking to a child with everyone looking does me no good! So instead of speaking or going back and forth with a child, I wanted to have a man to man conversation with his father!

People often forget as athletes that are often seen on TV, loved by most, hated by some, people often forget we are real dads, real friends, real brothers, real sons, real human beings, etc! With that being said, when I attend tournaments all across the country with my all-star team, @camnewton7v7, I have given my time, my energy, and my expertise to these kids coming into our program for over 11 years and that is not what people want to hear or even want to see…

“People want to see me arguing with another man and to see my get in my feelings… But the truth is this, I impact kids’ lives in a positive way, make no mistake about it. I allow kids to realize their ‘out,’ by using their football talents to get them to the next level and in most cases… out of the hood! So with that being said, have yourself an unbelievable rest of your day!
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Enjoying his 15 minutes
Reply9 days
I never liked Cam but I thought he handled that well
Reply10 days
Trash talking? He kept saying free agent over and over(I think). What am I missing?
Reply10 days
Kid should have got his mouth slapped for talking to an adult like that.
Reply10 days
Jseth??? This has to be a Bee article right?
Reply10 days
I know I'm getting old because little shites like that piss me off more and more
Reply10 days
Him asking a black kid "Where's your dad?" ROFL
Reply10 days
I know, can you imagine the liberal vaginal bleeding had Drew Brees or Tom Brady said the same. We'd need an ark to survive the red tide.
10 days
Exactly. Cam is full of shite. He was trying to cut that boy deep with the assumption he was fatherless. Also, Cam was touting that he was rich in the same exchange. Trying to make the boy feel inferior.
9 days
LOL Kreg, you realize the kid told him he was going broke and poor....
9 days
“a part”
Reply10 days
“First & for most” Lol
Reply10 days
The most embarrassing part of the story is the kid's name. Jseth??
Reply10 days
I'm all for piling on Cam when he acts like a child, but he legit sounds like he was trying to have a teaching moment with this kid.
Reply10 days
He’s really close to coming out. The “Times” will never be more ready than it is now
Reply10 days
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