Former Georgia QB Stetson Bennett was arrested in Dallas over the weekend and released from jail just a few hours later. Here he is leaving the police station...
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According to Bennett's attorney Todd Shapiro, Bennett was in Dallas getting ready for the NFL Combine, which is set to take place in February. He was apparently trying to get into a friend's apartment.
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LSU31616 months
Stetson Bennet has to be the dumbest sumbitch on this planet right now…..I hope he can coach.
user avatar
AllenTXTiger16 months
Hey, the driver didn't use his right signal, stop them and ticket them... j/k.

Hopefully this will humble him and keep him on the right track.
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WhoDatNC16 months
Dude will never survive on his own without his O-line.
user avatar
POTUS202416 months
Hey guys, I'm here to prep for the NFL Combine. Where's the bar?
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TerryDawg0316 months
I hope this is his reality check. Since this year's title, he's been full of himself. He'll be a legend at Georgia, but he should go out on a high note, not with that chip still on his shoulder.
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Strannix16 months
I would have walked out like the prize rooster and have them hand me a beer.
user avatar
LoneWolf16 months
He’s old enough to drink?
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Che Boludo16 months
Bro, he's 25 and a college grad.

I had 2 kids and 3 deployments at that age. There is a time to grow up.

He's a country club kid. He'll be "Thurston Howell'ing" at the 19th Green about his 2 Nattys for the rest of his life.

Least likable underdog story, With admitted more success, since Manziel.
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GB1017LSU16 months
That’s why they call it the walk of shame.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy16 months
They arrested him at 6 o’clock in the morning. Safe to say there was more than alcohol keeping him awake.
user avatar
FLTech16 months
Wish they gave me bottle waters every time I got locked up
user avatar
ThinePreparedAni16 months

What are the odds that police officials were TCU fans…
user avatar
TouchdownTony16 months
Johnny Manziel light
user avatar
Globetrotter74716 months
user avatar
tigersaint7416 months
Definitely the look of a person that is ashamed of their actions.
user avatar
Ssubba16 months
It looks less cringey if you just show your damn face instead of trying to hide like you just got booked on murder charges.
user avatar
atltiger648716 months
completely agree. When you cover up your face, it looks like you're ashamed. Best to walk out confidently, but not smugly - it's a much better look.
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JustinT3716 months
Completely agree. Cuba Gooding Jr. has the perfect arrested mannerisms, “like yea I broke that bs law what’s the big deal!?”
user avatar
danilo16 months
Still hung over
user avatar
Shaq4prez16 months
So he gets piss off his arse drunk while in town to prep for the combine? lololololol
user avatar
jbird716 months
That’s exactly what came to my mind as well lol. Guys taking this combine real serious.
user avatar
slimySand16 months
I mean he is a 25 year old male who just lead his team to a national championship... Im sure he is still partying his arse off.
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