The PS5 is hard enough to find in the middle of a pandemic, but having to sell it because you're an idiot is harder. Per FOX...

A Taiwanese man was lucky enough to score the newest Playstation 5, but his time with the device was short-lived because his wife sold the console when she found out it wasn’t an air purifier like he’d told her.

The buyer, Jin Wu, shared the experience on Facebook. Wu said he arranged to meet up with the seller in person and even called to verify the purchase, but was met by a female voice, who he said didn’t sound like she was much of a gamer.

When Wu met the seller to claim his new PS5, he was greeted by a sad husband instead of his wife.

After a short exchange about where the device was purchased, the husband admitted that he tricked his wife into thinking the game console was an air purifier.

“It’s my wife who wants to sell it,” the Facebook post read. “I went silent after seeing the look in his eyes. I could feel his pain.”

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Air purifier..Ahahagaga...that's the funniest shite I've head in a long time.
Reply1 month
A lot of primo relationship advice in the comments
Reply2 months
LOL to any man that would let a chic “make” him do anything like this. Two time loser, scared of the wife and is addicted to video games.
Reply2 months
And after he returned it his wife allowed him to scissor her.
Reply2 months
Dude should grow up and grow a pair.
Reply2 months
I’m so glad to know that our culture isn’t the only one that sacrificing its masculinity with video game addiction.
Reply2 months
He should be thankful he was not buying it from Clyde Edward Helaire and Jared Small. That play station sale did not turn out too well for the buyer.
Reply2 months
“My wife was reading too much so I burned all her books”
Reply2 months
why would an adult want to own a video game?
Reply2 months
Why wouldn’t they, gramps?
2 months
Why would an adult want to sit in front of a tv and watch other men play a game?
2 months
I’m not sure you understand how video games work.
1 month
It’s amazing to me how important and addictive that gaming is to grown people.
Reply2 months
Better than alcohol or drugs.
2 months
Dude needs to upgrade.
Reply2 months
And, a life.
2 months
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