Right after Auburn's Birmingham Bowl win over Memphis on December 30th, Memphis CB Reggis Ball was caught on video taking down a member of Auburn's equipment staff on the sideline, trying to rip a football away from him. Then ran into the locker room looking rather pleased with himself. On Tuesday, Ball wrote this letter, apologizing to Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs for his actions...
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“Dear Mr. Jay Jacobs,

I would like to formally apologize for my interaction with a member of your football program, following your Auburn football program’s win at the Birmingham Bowl. In addition, I would like to also apologize for keeping a game ball that was not awarded to me.

I have made sure that the ball is returned to the Auburn football program. My actions following the game were infantile and took away from your program’s much deserved victory. These actions are in no way a reflection of the University of Memphis athletic department, football program, or my character.

I am deeply disappointed that this incident overshadowed the Birmingham Bowl and I hope my apology is heartfelt. Though this has been one of the most embarrassing moments in my life, I will be sure to learn from this and continue to become a much better person and a better player.

I appreciate the Auburn football program’s sportsmanship, and I apologize for any inconvenience that this error in judgement may have caused. Please accept my sincere apology. R. Ball”
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user avatar
redeye100 months
He should've stole some paper with an Auburn letterhead and written it on that.

Yea, I also think that's a girl's handwriting.
user avatar
reauxl tigers7100 months
Think his mom told him to write that?
user avatar
TailbackU100 months
Dude's got some nice penmanship
user avatar
Deltatiger100 months
user avatar
Whiznot100 months
That took balls.
user avatar
MartyGraw504100 months
Headline should have read, "Some girl in Memphis' PR dept wrote a letter on behalf of Reggis Ball."
user avatar
Capital Cajun100 months
A female wrote that letter.
user avatar
HarryBalzack100 months
"who uses circles to dot their I's?!?!?!"

Girls and such.
user avatar
I_Geaux_4_LSU100 months
who uses circles to dot their I's?!?!?!
user avatar
tiggah1981100 months
no way he wrote that himself
user avatar
ChoadieMcSmalls100 months
Nice penmanship.
user avatar
CajunAlum Tiger Fan100 months
Never would have happened if he didn't get caught on camera.
user avatar
idlewatcher100 months
Seems sincere enough
user avatar
peaster68100 months
Still a piece of shite... I'm sure Auburn wants the ball after he signed it.
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