This Alabama Fan Got Himself CFB Playoff Trophy Groom’s Cake
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
We've had Crimson Tide cakes, houndstooth hat cakes, Nick Saban cakes and elephant cakes, but we have yet to see an Alabama CFB Playoff Trophy groom’s cake...until now...
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theBru90 months
Is that what one of tbose look like?
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Amazing Moves90 months
I'm surprised they didn't refuse service.
user avatar
TigerB890 months
ahhh Bama fans....the entitlement is just amazing. Prolly has crystal ball sheets that he has to throw out now.
user avatar
SkintBack90 months
It looks like that sculpture Marie did on Everybody Loves Raymond.
user avatar
LaBR490 months
The Wal-Mart bakery did a nice job relative to what they were trying to accomplish.
user avatar
Wally Sparks90 months
That's pretty cool.
user avatar
El Campo Tiger90 months
user avatar
CoolHand90 months
Nailed it!
user avatar
DoubleDown90 months
I bet it tastes like success and dynasty mode. Throw in some 'process' sprinkles on top and that's a winner.
user avatar
Omada90 months
I'm glad you like your cake.
user avatar
bamabenny90 months
Hah. I know the groom
user avatar
CunningLinguist90 months
I am sure his future husband approves of that
user avatar
Prominentwon90 months
Typical tacky BAMA fan.
user avatar
CCTider90 months
Since you decided to be a jerk, enjoy Toonces cake. Image Link
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