SEC Analyst Names ‘Biggest Coaching Loss’ Of Nick Saban’s Tenure
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Nick Saban has lost a lot of coaches to other programs and the NFL over his time at Alabama, but SEC Network analyst Cole Cubelic thinks losing strength coach Scott Cochran to Georgia is the biggest loss yet...

“My personal reaction was, it’s the biggest coaching loss that Nick Saban has suffered since he’s been in Alabama,” Cubelic said, via Saturday Down South. “That has been magnified by the fact that that team had four or five workouts with the new strength staff before this quarantine before they left campus. So, that bond, that chemistry, that expectation, that respect, that desire, that ‘want to do for’ attitude does not exist for these players with that staff. It doesn’t, it can’t, there’s no way.”
Is he right?

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Pruitt was easily the biggest loss of the Saban era.
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Cole taking a shot at Kirby here suggesting the strength coach is a bigger loss ? The strength coach ? Yeah, Bama football never lifted any weights, or won any games before Cochran showed up. Cole looking for clicks during quarantine I guess
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"Clutching at straws" to make it look like Bama is going to take a hard hit. Things change, life goes on. LSU lost a lot of coaches too after the season ended. Bama will still be tough for their opponents to subdue. Hopefully the same can be said of LSU.
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Cochran was huge in player relations. He went beyond strength and conditioning and really played the part of mentor or big brother. He made the team feel at home, increased their individual resiliency,and kept some kids at Bama that would have otherwise left. That said, he was a "yell leader" in the gym. Old school fitness guy. In turn, the new team is all sports science and metrics to maximize performance. Given limited training time, if any, that they may have before any version of fall camp, I'll take sports science over the dinosaur approach. Get bigger/leaner, faster and/or stronger in a more efficient manner with limited time. Further, UGA likely hurts the most as they lost the same reps with S&C. They are getting Cochran, but he will need time to develop the relationships that really proved his real worth to the team. And, his approach is old school, which also takes time. Pruitt by far was toughest coaching loss. Although, Kiffen cost Bama another championship IMO. His head was in FAU since the SEC CG. Had he stayed with full attention to developing an offensive gameplan for Clemson, Watkins' heroics fall short.
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Bama has 2 more NCs if Pruitt stayed
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Stopped reading at Cole Cubelic
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His biggest coaching loss is Les Miles, and it ain’t close.
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I think, coupled with the coronavirus shutdown, this could be correct. I think the S/C coaches keep the players straight in the offseason, and this is becoming a huge offseason.
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This just goes to prove that not everyone is a "journalist". Pruitt or Kirby were bigger losses. This is just stupidity from someone trying to get his name out there.
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Pruitt was easily the greatest loss. D hasn't been the same since.
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So without knowing the impact of losing Cochran yet this guy goes ahead and says that's the biggest loss. Another great "analyst"
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That’s what an analyst is supposed to do, make predictions. Stating things that already happened is not insight.
2 months
Yawn. Heard the same thing for Kirby Smart and a few others over the last decade. I mean, he's entitled to his opinion but it's a hard pass for me. Sorry, a S&C coach is not > than the loss of a good D coordinator or good O coordinator. Just, nope.
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