Here Are Nick Saban's Thoughts On How Jalen Hurts Awesome Start  At Oklahoma
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Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts is off to an awesome start at Oklahoma this season. He’s completing 74 percent of his passes and has thrown for 2,074 yards with 20 touchdowns and is definitely in the Heisman Trophy race. So, what does his former coach, Alabama's Nick Saban, think of his performance so far? Per 247Sports...

“Doesn’t surprise me at all,” Saban said when asked about how Hurts is thriving under Lincoln Riley in Norman. “Jalen is a very mature guy. Great competitor, unique skillset, and improved dramatically last year when he wasn’t playing as a passer. Because he worked at it, he had a good coach, and he knew that was something that he needed to get better at, and it doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m actually happy for the guy. There’s never been a guy that — anywhere in college football — that did things more correctly and set a better example as a leader than Jalen Hurts did while he was here by staying here after he was replaced as a starter. I have the utmost respect for this guy as a person and as a competitor. I’m glad to see him doing well.”
Bet he wishes he had him right now.
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bamagreycoat56 months
From the espn highlights it looked like Jalen did his part today to win the game. I only got to see the highlights but the Sooner defense lost that game today. Didn’t get the critical stop when it mattered most.
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secuniversity56 months
This was a quote from a month ago. Why are you digging it up now Larry? Yes he was very complimentary of him. And as you see, Saban has had a huge influence on him as Jalen is a Saban-quote machine. And he lit up a cigar. But fact remains, Tua beat him out fair and square.
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luciouslou56 months
Saban is a prick.
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BigDropper56 months
At least he didn't lash out at reporters this time...
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OGTiger56 months
lol @doubledown. A half season of success?? Glad to see you just woke up from your extended nap. You skeered???!!! LOL!
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ROPO56 months
"I’m actually happy for the guy." "To be honest"
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MaHittaMaHitta56 months
Larry Leo you fricking suck at your job
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cypresstiger56 months
Here Are Nick Saban's Thoughts On How Jalen Hurts Awesome Start At Oklahoma ----In English, Larry, please. It's why you make the big bucks. ;-)
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Buckeye Jeaux56 months
Jalen Hurts? Never heard of her
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Goombaw56 months
People keep trying to push the narrative that Alabama and their fans are unhappy or even angry that Hurts is doing well. It's not going to happen. 99.9% of the Alabama fans I know are happy for Jalen, glad that he's doing good, and appreciative of his time at Alabama and the class he showed when losing his starting job. There needs to be more Jalen Hurts' in college football and I'm glad we had him while we did.
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JackieTreehorn56 months
And Jalen still loves Alabama
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Murray56 months
If we’re being honest, everyone but LSU wishes they had Hurts right now.
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DoubleDown56 months
lol @ lsu for having a half-season of success and acting as arrogant as you do. If we're being honest...
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