Tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlman is changing up her game and is here to talk about it...

Being a tennis player, I never felt super great trying out other sports for the first time Basketball, golf.. I always felt somewhat uncoordinated and like I had two left feet lol Pickleball is the first sport I’ve tried, where the moment I stepped on the court, I felt confident and good. With that being said, there are still some major strategic/mechanical differences between the two. Here are 3 areas of my pickleball game that I’m working on:

1) Short game/dink: I was more of an aggressive baseliner in tennis, so the soft-touch balls are definitely taking some getting used to. Learning which types of dinks to hit and when, and then navigating the spin, speed, and placement for each shot is a big part of it.

2) Point construction: In tennis, you’re constantly looking to take control of the point by being aggressive, setting up your strengths, and advancing forward into the court. In pickleball, you can’t hit the ball in the air if you’re inside the kitchen. It’s more handsy- it’s all finesse and there are more cat and mouse type of situations.

3) Mindset: In pickleball, I’ve found that I need to slow down my mind and be intentional on choosing which shots to be aggressive on. Sometimes you have to hit a lot of shots- 8, 10, even 15 in a row before you get the ball you want. Tennis points are fast paced. Being patient is huge in pickleball.

Reminder, there is space for both sports to coexist In a way, tennis and pickleball help each other. Again, racquet sports for the win

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robertgamb18 days
Great tits
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KennabraTiger1 month
She’s hot as hell but those titties look hard as rocks
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Redbone2 months
Looks like fun.
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CanebreakCajun2 months
100% au natural.
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She's beyond fine as frick
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robertgamb2 months
Nice rack!
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chRxis2 months
she's fine as frick
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VoxDawg2 months
Silly Putty Hooker
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TigerB82 months
I bet she looks much better without all the makeup caked on.
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atltiger64872 months
she'd be better off talking about plastic, because she's fake from head to toe.
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WhoDatNC2 months
Tennis influencer yet I have never seen her hit a tennis ball. Lets call it what it is, internet tramp in cosplay as a tennis player.
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Rize2 months
She played college tennis.
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TigerDoug2 months
at Mizzou
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Play_Neck2 months
Tennis Influencer = Here's some words someone else typed up under a picture of a tennis racket and my boobs.
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faraway2 months
riveting stuff
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CallmeSteveo2 months
Why don’t we just call influencers girls with big tits or is that not politically correct
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BowDownToLSU2 months
I tell you what if I was 30 years younger… I still wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell but at least I’d be 30 years younger
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