This pretty much says it all...

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It's hard to read, I know, but it says...

“I’d rather shower at Penn State then support Alabama”
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Dinger80145 months
I go to Penn State and think it would be hilarious to wear that around campus. Where can I buy one?
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TheIndulger145 months
That is a very weak shirt. At first I thought it said 'I'd rather take a shower at LSU'. "Then" should be "than". I hope nobody wears that thing.
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willeteal145 months
How did they connect pedophilia with Alabama?

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PacoDeTaco145 months
Wow I'm glad you pointed that out Dan, I would have never known.
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PhoenixLSUTiger145 months
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mcpotiger145 months
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Tactical1145 months
Another example of how much LSU envy's Alabama's success.
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Harry Caray145 months
this looks like some dumb shite "Tiger Hype" would create
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kizomich145 months
What is the purpose of posting this? Children were raped. That's kinda, you know, the polar opposite of funny. It's bizarre and depressing that some illiterate cretin thought that should be tied in with LSU vs Alabama, and someone else (I suppose) wants to help publicize this garbage.
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bee Rye145 months
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stonedbegonias145 months
Can the t-shirt maker get sued for using Toonces?
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deathvalleyfreak43145 months
Thought it was pretty funny
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TigerFanInNashville145 months
This is absolutely ridiculous and reflects poorly upon LSU (and particularly LSU fans) on many levels.

Who made this assinine t-shirt?
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Farkwad145 months
Tasteless and pathetic attempt at "humor"
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PunchDrunk145 months
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UKWildcatsFAN145 months
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Bestbank Tiger145 months
Classless, and embarrassing on multiple levels.
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godfather091145 months
classic then/than mixup...

"And colleges men from LSU
went in dumb
Come out dumb too" ~ Randy Newman
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Im4datigers145 months
This is pretty poor taste IMO.
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acarso1145 months
It makes LSU look worse than both Alabama and Penn St.
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