Paul Finebaum Thinks This SEC Program Is The New 'Villain' Of College Football
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When interviewing Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher on “The Paul Finebaum Show,” Paul suggested that the Aggies are emerging as a new antagonist in college football and asked Jimbo how he’s handling the “villain” role due to his recruiting acumen...

“I don’t know if I’m the villain, hero, whatever it is,” Fisher said. “I don’t have social media, so that’s up to them. It doesn’t matter to me. We’re just trying to get the players in here we need to get, and our staff’s doing a great job of recruiting and hopefully putting together a great team.”
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agswin26 months
We know it is hard for the SEC to understand but out-recruiting using the rules is foreign to many in the deep South. Disclaimer: No children's cancer money has been used in Aggie recruiting.
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RockChalkTiger26 months
“Villain” = “Better Cheater”. Pawlll is just jealous that other teams are now (legally) paying kids the way Alabama (illegally) used to. Aggie’s oil money about to buy a NC.
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BLG26 months
If it's now legal to buy players (it isn't) then only the few richest programs will win titles,and that would eventually kill the game.
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LSUvet7226 months
If you live up the NIL system you may die by the NIL system. In other words if you attract players that play just for money don’t be surprised if those same players transfer to other teams for higher NIL monies
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Texas Weazel26 months
The transfer portal being used by former 5 star players isn't a new phenomenon. What rock have you been living under?
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lastfan26 months
Recruiting acumen? I’m pretty sure he just paid kids top dollar to come to his school.
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TerryDawg0326 months
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toosleaux26 months
Can we get a picture of the “Villian’s” trophy case?
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CanebreakCajun26 months
In order to be a villain, you have to win. Texas 8&4 is no villain.
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Whentheleveebreaks26 months
Exactly, Bama is the true villain and fans everywhere loved A&M beating them this past fall. Too funny, other teams winning titles than Bama is going to kill the game? How so? Oh, bc Saint Saban said it. It’s funny the two coaches crying the most have been winning. I’m sure all on the up and up.
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CoyoteSong26 months
Aggie is Texas’s little brother. Texas will bring them to justice after A&M paid all of these recruits. Watch. Wheels are in motion.
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DVinBR26 months
"and our staff’s doing a great job of NIL deals and hopefully putting together a great team." FTFY
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PeleofAnalytics26 months
I don't think Fisher even believes his bullshite. He is just taking his marching orders from the A&M boosters that are putting up the cash. Deny Deny Deny. These boosters love that people know they have cash but sure as shite do not want the world to label their team the "Best NIL team money can buy" IF...big IF, they manage to win anything. The cult there does not want anyone thinking they had to pay someone to come.
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Murph4HOF26 months
Wake Forest is his kryptonite.
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lsusteve126 months
Aggie is just annoying, not a "villain"
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jbird726 months
A coach of a team that goes 8-4 is considered the villain?
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TouchdownTony26 months
He's a little bit closer to actually admitting NIL is the best thing that ever happened to A&M.
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